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"The Scan123 product is easy to use, the support has been outstanding, and certainly the cost is minimal compared to the benefit."

Michael Kinnear
People's Credit, Owner


There are lots of reasons to invest in an electronic document management system for your business: to work more productively, to comply with federal law, to back up your documents, to get rid of your paper, etc. Whatever's driving you to consider document management, Scan123 can help you achieve your goals without breaking the bank.

What can you do with Scan123 Electronic Document Management?

Increase productivity

by reducing the time it takes to file and retrieve documents

Back up your files

in case of flood, fire, or other natural disaster

Reduce filing costs

such as folders, filing cabinets, and off-site storage fees

Restrict access

to private or sensitive files with granular user permissions

Reclaim storage space

taken up by paper documents, banker's boxes, and filing cabinets

Securely access your files

anywhere, anytime via a 256-bit encrypted internet connection

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Scan123 was created as an in-house document management solution for an automotive dealership in late 2002. Today, hundreds of businesses use Scan123 to manage their documents.  More >>