Backup your files

in case of flood, fire, or other natural disaster

Reduce filing costs

such as folders, filing cabinets, and off-site storage fees

More productive

by reducing the time it takes to file and retrieve documents

Secure file access

anywhere, anytime via a 256-bit encrypted internet connection

Reclaim space

taken up by paper documents, boxes, and file cabinets

Restrict access

to private or sensitive files with granular user permissions

What our clients say

I would rate Scan123 on a scale of one to five, definitely a five. It saves me time and a lot of space. I love the tech support they provide. The program and equipment are very user friendly, and I have had no problem teaching people with minimal computer experience how to use it. I don't know why anybody would want to go back once they've started using Scan123.

Amber Office Manager Capital Toyota

In today's world of business, it's very difficult to find a company who can provide great service. Scan123 has certainly done that and more. I would recommend them to any small, medium or large business looking to go paperless, and wanting to have a quick and easy way of locating important archived or recent information off site and not have to deal with mounds of filing cabinets full of documents!

Cody Service Manager Oliver Ford Lincoln

We have been using Scan123 for four, almost 5 years now. We use a couple of the big software vendors and it was astronomical what they wanted to charge us; when I checked with Scan123 I could not believe how inexpensive it was. I would definitely recommend Scan123 to anyone who is looking for a scanning solution. Just click, click, click and it’s right there.

Linda Corporate Comptroller Pete's Car Smart Kia

How long does it take you to retrieve a document? Two minutes? Five minutes? Ten? It can be even longer than that if you store documents off-site. With Scan123, you can file and retrieve documents in seconds without getting up from your desk. Businesses that scan documents say it improves their customer response times to typically between 2 and 3 times faster.


There are many reasons to invest in an electronic document management system for your business: to work more productively, to comply with federal law, to back up your documents, to get rid of your paper, etc. Whatever's driving you to consider document management, Scan123 can help you achieve your goals without breaking the bank.