About Scan123

It's as easy as 1 2 3

Scan123 is your electronic document management solution. Eliminate inefficient paper filing in your business by utilizing our scanning software and cloud-based digital storage. Using your personal scanner, scan over 100 single or multi-page documents in under a minute and send them to your electronic filing cabinets. Access your important files online immediately from our easy-to-use web-based solution. Never worry about filing, retrieving and re-filing documents when all your important files are at your fingertips.

How much money are you losing to paper filing?

- Storing your files with an outside vendor is expensive

- Filing cabinets and paper are bulky

- Filing, retrieving, and locating missing files is time-consuming

- Paper files are not protected from theft, fire, or other natural disasters

Simplify your storage

- Guided software installation

- Scan and email your files within minutes

- No computer expertise required

Why should you scan your business documents?

- Reduce storage costs and reclaim your storage space

- Save time filing, retrieving, and refiling files

- Organize your filing and simplify audits

- Secure sensitive information

Manage access to your files

Scanning and storing your business documents electronically doesn’t have to be complicated. With a guided software installation, you will be scanning within minutes of plugging in your scanner. Quickly scan documents, view and email them within seconds, right from your desk with our intuitive and easy to use scanning software. No computer science degree will be required in the installation, setup or management of your Scan123 account.

Manage user access
Granular access for users

Data security

We take the headache out of electronic document storage and routine backups. Your electronic files are stored and managed by our servers and cloud-based solution which are secured by 256-bit military grade encryption. Once your documents are sent to the cloud, they are continually backed up with geo-redundancy. This means that even if the “next big earthquake” strikes the west coast, your files are still safe in the cloud.

Continuous data backups
Compliant with SEC, FINRA, Red Flag, etc.
Files are secured by 256-bit military-grade encryption