Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the benefits of using an electronic document management solution like Scan123?

File and retrieve documents in seconds without getting up from your desk. Documents are safe, secure, and immediately accessible when needed. Physical document storage costs are greatly reduced or eliminated, as is the office space required for document storage. Employee time is freed up for more important tasks. We offer you freedom from the burden of constantly shuffling paper.

Where are my files?

Your files are stored on our multiple fully encrypted geo-redundant servers, behind secure firewalls, in a carrier level data center protected by a multi-layer security system and 24-hour-a-day network monitoring and response. All files are also stored encrypted and synchronized daily to our secure corporate space on the Amazon S3 cloud.

What do my computers need to use Scan123?

To ensure a quality user experience with our product, we suggest the following minimum requirements for computers that will be using the Scan123 Client: Windows 7 or newer, Intel Core i3 OR AMD FX-4300 processor, At least 8 gigabytes of RAM installed, 15 gigabytes of free disk space available, USB 2.0 ports, An Internet connection of DSL speeds or greater. If your computer does not meet these minimum requirements, then your Scan123 experience will be less than optimal. We want you to have the best experience possible.

What kind of scanners do I need?

We'll recommend a scanner or scanners to you based on the unique needs of your business. We usually suggest to our clients that they use Fujitsu 'F series' scanners because we've found them to be extremely reliable and long-lasting. Our software has worked with some other scanners that use a TWAIN driver. Please email us, or call us at 1-888-481-3727 and ask us about scanner differences.

How do I find documents in Scan123?

After logging in, personnel can search for documents to which they have been granted access. Each document is indexed by keywords that you choose, such as document ID numbers, names, phone numbers, dates - anything you want. We interface with many data management system (DMS) to automatically pull in information related to your documents, so there is very little data entry. Please email us, or call us at 1-888-481-3727 and ask us how easy this integration is.

How does Scan123 fit into my customer information privacy plan?

Scan123 can help you comply with various customer and employee privacy regulations such as the Red Flags Rule, the GLB Act, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley by helping you secure your documents and information. You decide who has access to your company's files and which files they can view. We can even help you restrict access to only computers at your company's physical location if you choose.

Can I copy electronic files from my computer to Scan123 without first printing and then scanning them?

Yes, you can upload electronic files of any type (spreadsheets, video, images, etc.) directly to a Scan123 filing cabinet for additional security, to back them up, or to share them with others at your company.

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