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Gresham Toyota Dealership From the humble beginnings of our family owned Toyota dealership Scan123 was designed and developed out of the need for secure, effective document storage and retrieval. Scan123 is the only major scanning solution designed by auto dealers, and made with auto dealers in mind. We have decades of experience running dealerships and finance companies. We understand the workflow of these businesses and are able to help you cut costs and maximize efficiency.
"Toyota took notice..."

Filing paper documents Before Scan123 was a household name it was just an easy way for us to file documents in our service department. We knew right away that we would cut cost and increase productivity in that department. After a while the business office wanted it, and before we knew it every department in the dealership was using Scan123. Our friends at other dealerships started to take notice when we began removing filing cabinets from the dealership and opened up over 70% of our paper storage space. Toyota took notice and recognized Scan123 in the EM2 resource manual as the only mentioned scanning solution for the Toyota dealer network nationwide, and as they say, “The rest was history.” Scan123 has been available in the U.S.since 2004 and most of North America since 2013. We are proud that companies have trusted us to store millions of pages of documents and that we have saved millions of pages of paper from ever having to be printed at all.

"Easy to setup and simple to use..."

We have found that if we make it easy to setup and simple to use, we can implement effective cost cutting measures that really do work for most businesses. Scan123 proudly serves companies in finance, insurance, property management, manufacturing, healthcare, and of course, auto dealers. Truth is, it works well in almost every business. Off-site storage costs are a thing of the past for our customers, and Scan123 has reduced paper filing at all our business locations by about 75%.

We believe in keeping things simple for our customers and our values as a software company are based on how we wanted to be treated as an auto dealer. Due to our commitment to efficiency we can offer lower costs compared to the much more expensive solutions from top tier software providers, all while maintaining a 97% customer retention rate and our free technical support that is unrivaled in any industry.

We feel blessed to have been at the right place at the right time and now we have the opportunity to offer the same high level of customer service we have been offering for generations. Contact us today and in 20 minutes, we'll show you how to save a great deal of money you're already spending to manage paper.

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Scan123 was created as an in-house document management solution for an automotive dealership in late 2002. Today, hundreds of businesses use Scan123 to manage their documents.  More >>