Pricing & Guarantees


We understand how daunting it can be to switch systems. We offer remote installation to fit your schedule and your business. Our Support team is always available during business hours to help with any question that may come up and are happy to walk you through anything you might need.

Our four pricing tiers all offer the same great benefits. The only difference between them is how many Standard Scanned Pages are included. We use this as a guide to help you find the right plan for your unique business.

All of our pricing plans include:

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Remote Training

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Scanning Stations

Find the right plan to fit your business. Scan123 is the perfect solution for businesses dealing with how to store their files.

An icon of a small building to indicate a smaller company size
An icon of a mid-sized building to indicate a mid-sized company
two mid-sized building icons to indicate a mid to large sized company
three building icons ranging from small to large to indicate a large, multi-store company


12,000 Scanned Pages


24,000 Scanned Pages


48,000 Scanned Pages


85,000 Scanned Pages


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45-day right to cancel

If for any reason you as a new customer believes Scan123 doesn’t meet your needs within 45 days of signing, we’ll tear up your contract and give you a full refund. We’ll even buy your scanners back from you. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, whether you stick with us or not. Period.

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No hostage data

We know your documents belong to you. At your request, whether during or at the end of your contract, we can provide a backup of every file stored on our system. While Scan123 supports the storage of any type of file, we store the majority of them as PDF files.  This way, they can be copied and used on any PC for your convenience.