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Quickly figure how much filing paper is costing you

The form below will assist you in figuring the real costs of filing everything with paper. We've put in figures for an average small business, but feel free to adjust to your numbers. Each time you change a figure and move to the next, the form is updated automatically. If you're in a hurry, just push "Calculate"! If you need help using this tool, call 1-888-481-3727, and a scanning specialist will walk you through it.

Figure total employee cost per hour
Average Hourly Wage for Admin/Filing Staff   
Employee Benefit/Burden %  
Figure monthly cost to file new documents
Number of files added each month:   
Time required to prepare and file each (in minutes)   
Figure monthly cost of storing old files
Number of four drawer filing cabinets   
Square footage required for a single cabinet   
Office space lease per square foot $  
Total rental cost for on-site file storage 
Total rental cost for OFF-site file storage $  
Figure monthly cost to retrieve documents
Number of people who retrieve documents   
Average # of documents retrieved per person, per day   
Average time to retrieve each document, in minutes   
Average workdays per month   
Average labor cost per minute $
Figure monthly cost to find mis-filed/mis-labeled documents
Average number of mis-filed documents per month   
Average time to find a mis-filed document (in minutes)   
Average labor cost per minute $
Figure monthly fax costs
Number of documents faxed out daily   
Average time taken to fax each document, in minutes   
Average labor cost per minute $
Average workdays per month 
Figure monthly courier costs
Number of documents sent via Fed Ex or UPS daily   
Average workdays per month 
Average cost of UPS/Fed Ex service $  
Figure monthly cost for supplies
Cost for supplies per 500 files stored per month =$200.00. This is paper, hanging files and manila folders, bankers boxes. Ex 1000 files = 400.00  
Total $

Filing, storing, and retrieving paper costs a lot of money. How much could you save with Scan123's electronic document management software?

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