Completely customizable, we're here for you

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Our Support team gets you up and running in just a few clicks

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Unlimited cabinets allow you to customize for the way you do business

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Autocomplete on folders helps you stay organized

Access your important files online immediately from our easy-to-use web-based solution. Never worry about filing, retrieving and re-filing documents when all your important files are at your fingertips.

Manage access to your files

Scanning and storing your business documents electronically doesn’t have to be complicated. With a guided software installation, you will be scanning within minutes of plugging in your scanner. Quickly scan documents, view and email them within seconds, right from your desk with our intuitive and easy to use scanning software. No computer science degree will be required in the installation, setup or management of your Scan123 account.

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Reduce filing costs

Such as folders, filing cabinets, and off-site storage fees

Backup files

In case of flood, fire, or other natural disaster

More productive

By reducing the time it takes to file and retrieve documents

Reclaim space

Taken up by paper documents, boxes, and file cabinets

Scan123 makes it easy to go digital

"About a year ago we switched over our dealer management system to one that’s a lot more web-based. In doing so, we recognized that we needed a more web-based storage system. Our new DMS integrates with Scan123 so it’s really awesome because they marry each other… They help keep everything organized, and made it easier for us to navigate our documents."

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Amber Hayward Hill Comptroller Ocean Crest Chevrolet-Buick-GMC-Cadillac


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