Document management for
modern dealerships

Instant setup. Powerful integrations. Proven results.

Get your digital document storage up and running


Set up in minutes

Enjoy a fast and easy setup. Our Customer Success team is with you every step of the way.


Connect to your DMS

The Scan123 system interfaces with all major DMS providers to automatically label your files and eliminate data entry.


Upload and retrieve documents instantly

Search documents by RO#, stock#, deal#, VIN, customer name, and much more.

Save big compared to traditional paper storage

The average dealership wastes $1,500/month storing paper and spending time looking for documents.

Save time and money

"We had paperwork stacked up 3 feet deep in some areas. Taking that space and turning it into parts storage has allowed us to get our cars fixed faster."

Sam Barnard

Service Director, Lassen Chevrolet-Toyota

Trusted by over 1,000 forward-thinking dealerships

Save time so you can focus on your customers

Retrieve documents instantly

Never waste time searching for a paper file again.

Simplify your filing system

Combine paper and digital files from every department into a single location.

Secure your customer information

Your encrypted documents are stored safely. Completely protect against flood, fire, theft, and misplacement.

Create more space

Reclaim all the space used for filing cabinets and banker boxes. Store more parts, add office space.

Streamline dealership audits

Stay prepared for an audit with all your documents ready to go.