Our story

Beginning in 1971 with our primary company, Gresham Toyota, we expanded to 6 used car lots, a national finance company called People’s Credit and residential and commercial real estate. Between the Toyota store, the finance company and the real estate we ended up with an airplane hangar full of our own legal documents. In the 90’s an overheated electrical outlet in our accounting office almost burned the entire front end of the dealership to the ground. Between the smoke and water damage our building was almost declared a total loss. That was our motivation to do something different.

With web-based digital content at the cutting edge of technology, it seemed natural to build a software solution to store our files digitally. Founded in 2003, Scan123 began as a cutting-edge tool to digitally store our legal documentation and make it easy for our employees to retrieve. We knew we could cut costs but the biggest benefit was giving our employees more time and a less stressful workload. Additionally, quicker access to customer records would trickle down to better customer satisfaction numbers. Our thinking was, a happy employee means a happier customer.


Our Pricing

We understand that your time is valuable and so are your documents. Give us a call and we can walk you through a free demo of our services and discuss how they can meet your needs. Our basic plan starts at only $296/month.

What we offer

Reduce filing costs

Such as folders, filing cabinets, and off-site storage fees

More productive

By reducing the time it takes to file and retrieve documents

Reclaim space

Taken up by paper documents, boxes, and file cabinets

Backup files

In case of flood, fire, or other natural disaster

Restrict access

To private or sensitive files with granular user permissions

Secure file access

Anywhere, anytime via a 256-bit encrypted internet connection


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