I am addicted to paper. Say it out loud. I am addicted to paper. Look around and you will find it everywhere. Invoices in the mail from your vendors, thank you notes from your customers, menus for local restaurants, and the daily newspaper. Oh wait, that may not describe the paper you surround yourself with anymore. It might look like emailed invoices from your vendors, thank you emails from your customers, electronic menus from your favorite restaurants, and the news app on your smartphone. The way we receive information is changing. The way you store your documents should change, too.

Let’s suggest that you aren’t addicted to paper. Maybe you want to get away from paper, just so that your office doesn’t look like a scene from the TV show “Hoarders.” Before you get serious about document scanning and digital storage of your business documents, you should be aware of some obstacles of “going paperless.


Your office would look funny with so much open space

There’s nothing like the look and feel of an “office” without desks, drawers and filing cabinets. Filing cabinets are the meat of your office, right? They are holding all of your precious documents, after all.

At Scan123, we have helped nearly 1,000 companies reclaim their office space. Do you need to increase floor space for inventory, sales staff, or a bigger office for yourself? Eliminating your paper filing cabinets can help you reclaim this space for whatever your business needs are. We have worked with companies who were buried under piles and piles of paper, began scanning their documents and have felt the relief of scanning by having a more organized office.

Where are you storing your business files for last year? If you are lucky enough to have on-site storage for last year’s files, maybe you could expand your business more than you think: a new BDC office or maybe even lease out the extra space? If you are using an outside vendor to store your files, you will reap the benefits of digital storage. No more costly storage fees or long trips to gather files.


You like spending time by the water cooler when retrieving and re-filing documents

Do you have that one employee who has maximized the amount of time it takes to complete the simple task of pulling a customer file? The employee who you are never sure when their break has started/ended because they always seem to be away from their desk. You are spending more money on filing, retrieving, and re-filing documents than you may have considered. With Scan123, document retrieval becomes the click of a button instead of minutes spent at the filing cabinet searching for the file. Did you put the file in the wrong cabinet online? That’s easily resolved by the click of a button. Do you need to share the document with your supervisor? Email files directly from Scan123 to quickly share and collaborate with your team. Scanning and storing your documents digitally removes the headache of employees finding their way to their favorite coworker’s desk on the way to the filing cabinets, bringing back efficiency to both of your workers. And let’s not get started on how many hours they would be gone for a field trip to the outside storage facility.


You wouldn’t be able to tell the ______ department you can’t find the file

Have you ever told someone that you didn’t have the file or couldn’t find the file just because? Okay maybe you don’t do this to your coworkers, but you might have suspicions that they are doing it to you. Or possibly that coworker won’t tell you where it is, but later saves the day when they have recovered the desired file and presented it to your boss for a show of approval.

Lost files are essentially the worst scenario in the world of records retention. Yes, you can reproduce an invoice or sales receipt. But without the customer’s signature, that sales receipt, contract, or agreement is no longer executed. Have you ever attempted to defend your business against a lawsuit or employment claim without documentation? You have essentially lost, due to lack of proof.

Scanning and storing your documents digitally is investing in risk prevention for your business. Files won’t be lost. If they are misfiled, you still have search capabilities to recover and then refile your misfiled documents. Coworker disputes won’t be eliminated, but work will not halt for the missing file. And the best of all, your important files regarding the lawsuit or employment claim will be at your fingertips.


Job Security For The IT Department

Maybe you are trying to go paperless, you are scanning some documents and saving them on your shared network only to have trouble retrieving them when you need them. You are only a phone call away to the IT department. Twenty minutes later you are still on the phone, you have determined that your computer is on and the internet is connected. But alas your files are still inaccessible. Luckily for you, the IT department is cashing in on your dilema and the need for them to fix it.

Let’s not give the IT department a bad name. They do keep your computers on and the internet connected. They are also responsible for maintaining your company’s website, network running and backed up, hackers at bay and answering your many phone calls.

When you scan and store your documents with Scan123, we give time back into your day as well as the IT staff. Scan123 encrypts your documents when sending/retrieving and storing your documents in the cloud with Military grade 256-bit encryption. Once your documents are sent to the cloud, they are continually backed up on a network of geo-redundant servers.  This means that even if the “next big earthquake” strikes the west coast, your files are still safe in the cloud.


You wouldn’t get your money’s worth with the auditor

Have you ever had an auditor spend hours or days at your office reviewing files? Do you ever feel like you should take longer to pull the files so they stay longer and keep you company get to know everyone in the office? We know, they are really the life of the party, or the life of your conference room.

Let’s get something straight. Have you ever been through an audit? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Yes, while auditors do discover compliance issues within your business workflow, the auditing process can be stressful. Ideally, you have met their requests for file collection, and have dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s with each file that is reviewed. And if you haven’t passed the audit with flying colors you may get asked to provide more files. Or a few more. Let’s hope not.

When your documents are stored digitally, quickly retrieve several files for your auditor within minutes. Since you store last year’s documents digitally as well, those files are just as easy to download and either create an auditor cabinet in Scan123, email to the auditor from Scan123, or save to a USB flash drive and send the auditor to the conference room with a cup of coffee. With efficient file collection, your time interrupted by the auditor is significantly reduced, allowing time for business activities to resume.


Your entire office won’t have access to the garnishment that was just served

Are you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next judgement to stroll in? You can’t wait to find out who hasn’t been paying their medical bills or child support and tell your coworker two seats down. The payroll lady glares at you every time she walks by, but you don’t mind.

Unfortunately, there is probably some drama at your office. Nosy employees can make private documents difficult to secure.  Keep your documents behind lock-and-key in Scan123 where you are always in control with who has access to your employee and payroll files. Locking cabinets allows you to grant/deny access to certain users. With total control, your documents are always accessible by those who need them and out of reach for those who don’t.


You won’t be able to hold more meetings to discuss financial or sales reports

You just finished the latest financial reports, discussion of your difficult customer, or noticed that snacks are in the breakroom. What