Geo-redundancy relates to backup. Your data is backed up so if your original documents are lost due to a disaster like fire, flood, or what have you, you still have your documents. Not only do you still have your documents, but with Geo-redundancy, you have backups in several locations around the globe. (Cool, huh?) If your files are transferred and stored encrypted, they are very secure.

Fast set-up

There are many Cloud Based solutions that vary from home based backup to large business Document Management solutions. With a little research you’ll find just what you need. Many of these systems are easy to set up and get going. Large business Document Management solutions are another thing entirely. They can take quite a bit of setup.

Minimal use of I.T. resources

If you are a small business or need a home based solution, you certainly don’t want to have to bring in I.T. specialists to get you up and running, and manage and maintain your system. Cloud Based solutions are large server farms that have their own I.T. professionals on site. The servers are monitored 24/7/365 so you don’t have to worry.

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