In the course of our frenetic business day there are many small tasks that add up to a full day of work. What is absolutely essential? What could we do to eliminate some of the time-sucking steps out of the day? One of the big problems businesses face today is excessive paperwork. This post focuses on that very part of your business. Here’s four questions to ask if you are feeling overwhelmed with paper and are considering ‘Electronic Document Management’ (EDM).

1. Where do we create the most new paper files?

Where does all this paper come from? Do we generate it from normal daily business processes? (Sales, forms, written correspondence, documentation, contracts, and more.) Does it come from outside the business? (Mail, fed Ex, UPS, etc.) What can be done to reduce the steps to handling all of that paper?

2. The next question – who spends the most time in and out of paper files every day?

Are your lowest paid employees shuffling paper, or are the highest paid in your company constantly shuffling paper? This is key, because it speaks to the high cost of keeping paper around.

3. Now ask yourself how much of your physical space is used to store files?

Office floor space is at a premium now days. If you have 20 file cabinets (80 sq. feet of floor) that you pay $1.80 per sq. ft. for a month, you are throwing $288.00 to the wind each and every month. Add offsite storage to this and the cost rises more.

4. How much is spent to get papers and files from one location to another?

If you have a business with more than one location, sharing paper files between them is a huge time and money suck, Plain and simple. At the very least, you probably put packets of promotional material together for your products and send it out. Most government entities will accept digital files, as well as many private businesses.

Most companies don’t realize there is a way to quantify what they are spending by keeping, storing, sharing and retrieving paper files. Many still think it is the most efficient cost effective way to go, and think EDM is too expensive.

For no charge, Scan123 will help companies identify the costs involved in a paper file system. We will also detail for you (in laymen’s terms) the savings to your company in a host of ways. We will show you how easy it is to use and how much added security and control you will have, at a fraction of what you are currently spending. It is no stretch to say that EDM can and does pay for itself in many companies.