You would have saved your employees a huge amount of time

Filing and retrieving paper documents is inefficient. Time is a scarce, non-renewable resource. Once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. And it’s not free. You’re paying employees for their time right now, aren’t you? And that’s costing your company, which leads to the second point.

You would have saved your company money everyday

When you add up all of the time that all of the employees at your company spend filing and retrieving documents, it can add up to a lot of hours in a week. Multiply that by an employee’s hourly wage. We are now talking about tens of thousands of dollars gone, forever.

You would have restricted access to confidential or sensitive files

Hey, you better know right now that your confidential files are secure. (You better not be filing them in hallways and backrooms!) A good Electronic Document Management system is secure. If you have that you can sleep much better at night.

You would have Legal compliance

Do you even know what state and federal requirements are involved to make you comply? Here again, a good Electronic Document Management system will help you comply.

You would have really, truly backed up files

Your documents should be stored in geo-redundant, mass storage that’s secure from a single location disaster such as flood or fire, not just a back up in the company safe.

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