1. It must be easy to learn and use

Lets face it, people are like electricity, they will take the path of least resistance. If the system you are looking at seems complicated or has a steep learning curve, it won’t be well received. Find something easy to learn and easy to use.

2. It must use non-proprietary elements

If you spend 5 years putting documents into a system then decide to move to another EDM and find out that you can’t migrate because there’s proprietary images or hardware you can’t export from, you will be mad to say the least. Get a ‘no data hostage’ agreement up front, cause that’s what will happen. Your data will be held hostage. Make sure there’s no special hardware or image formats, and that you can migrate to another system with few hassles.

3. It must be scalable

It must be expandable to cope with greater and greater use. Make sure there’s no ‘per seat’ costs. You want to be able to get new users up quickly and easily as your business grows.

4. It must be adaptable

Will it adjust to new needs or conditions? What if my business adds other products or processes? Can the system easily adapt to that or is it rigid and unshapeable?

5. It must have open architecture

It’s imperative that it allow easy use with other systems. For instance, an auto dealer needs to export metadata from its dealership management system to be used in a parts ticket EDM so that the parts invoices can be found by Customer name, vehicle id number, and so on. Can the new proposed system import data?

6. It will have to have been, and be around for a long time

You want a vendor with a great track record. Get one that has been in the business (and has been successful at it) for at least 10 years. One that’s not afraid to help you get setup, and will support the product for many years to come.

7. It must allow for a phased approach

People hate change, and sweeping change is even worse. Get a product that you can easily phase in department by department or smaller, more effective uses until users can pick up the system.

8. It must ‘mostly’ pay for itself in savings

Yes, you read that right. After all of the savings on supplies such as paper, clips, clamps, file folders, bankers boxes, file cabinets and expensive office space, and after all of the labor saved when you don’t need to file, shuffle files, go looking for one, and so on, you should have quit a bundle saved.

We feel that we excel in all of these areas. Time to put us to the test: Request some Scan123 referrals in your area, and ask our customers what they think of us. You can also call us directly at 888-481-3727.