After you’ve been scanning for a while with your Fujitsu 6110 or 6130 scanner, you will get a message from the scanner recommending that you replace some of the scanner’s consumable parts, such as the pick roller and brake roller. When you replace a consumable, you need to reset the page counter as part of the replacement process. The page counter has a limit of around 20,000 pages, as that is the normal range in determining how long your consumables are good for.

To start up the Software Operation Panel, first make sure that your scanner is connected to your computer and is turned on.

On a Windows machine, please make sure your scanner is turned on before clicking on the “Start” menu. Next, navigate to the Software Operation Panel. In the Software Operation Panel, click on “Device Settings” in the list on the left.

Click the “Clear” button next to the consumable part(s) that you replaced or cleaned. Then click “OK”. A small window will appear asking you to confirm this change to the settings. Click “OK”.

That’s it! If you encounter any wrinkles in the process, let us know by contacting Support.

Watch the video tutorial: