“A stitch in time saves nine” this old proverb was obviously meant as a warning against laziness. What if we apply the proverb to our current day work processes? We’d like to propose a new idiom – “A scan in time, saves nine.”

Linda Bain, a Corporate Controller at Pete’s Car Smart Kia, explains how to achieve a paperless accounting office by incorporating scanning into her everyday processes.


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Scan and Shred. Linda loves the convenience of scanning her car deals, repair orders, parts tickets, payroll reports and then shredding them once she’s finished scanning. No more paper storage! The scanned copy becomes the legal copy and Linda and her team can easily – and quickly – find documents later in a digital cabinet in Scan123. Now, her employees can spend time posting payables, processing payroll, or helping customers instead of wasting time chasing deal jackets or invoice copies that are lost in the chaos of the sales office or the service department.

Free Up Space. Linda no longer has massive binders and stacks of paperwork sitting on her desk. She can fill her office space with productive employees instead of endless filing cabinets. Scan123 helped Linda create a paperless filing system; listen to her describe how simple it is to scan documents and instantly recall them when necessary.

Partner with Scan123. For more than 16 years Scan123 has been helping companies like yours organize their physical and digital space by scanning their paper documents and storing them as digital files. Once a document is scanned that file can be accessed anytime, anyplace by approved personnel through an encrypted internet connection. Nice!