About us

Our business adventures began with Gresham Toyota in 1971. Soon after, we expanded to 6 used car lots, a national finance company, and invested in real estate. We ended up with an airplane hangar full of legal documents from all these businesses. After a fire that almost cost us everything, we knew that the future of file storage was digital. We created a cutting-edge tool to make digitally storing and retrieving documents easy for our employees. And thus, Scan123 was born. We have since turned into a nationally recognized scanning solution with more than 1,000 customers.

Scan123 was built as a system for our own endeavors. It helped us cut costs and gave our employees more time and a less stressful workload. We knew it would change the way legal documents could be stored and accessed. We believe that quicker access to customer records trickles down to better customer satisfaction. Our thinking: a happy employee means a happier customer. We decided to package it and share it with other smart and innovative business owners like yourself!