About Scan123

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What we do

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Increase productivity

Over time Scan123 has evolved into an easy-to-use and wholly integrated document management solution designed to help organizations capture, manage, and protect their data regardless of their industry. Scan123 offers affordability and performance as well as comprehensive service and support, making it a simple yet robust low-cost solution. Unlike other document management systems, Scan123 requires no technical expertise for installation, setup, or administration. We handle all the maintenance, technical aspects and support for you. Your data input requirements are minimal with the use of our smart indexing and interfacing systems.

Manage your files

Our product features both client/server and cloud-based content management and software solutions designed to easily scale to the needs of small-to-medium businesses in all industries. Scan123 currently provides service to thousands of users globally in a variety of industries including automotive, financial services, insurance, healthcare, legal services, real estate, accounting and manufacturing. Scan123 also partners with some of the world’s most innovative automation vendors to ensure that our solutions are always in full compliance with the latest industry standards for compatibility and security.

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Secure your documents and data

Scan123 provides extensive security and audit features that are compliant with SEC, FINRA, Red Flag, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA regulations providing financial services, investment advisory, insurance, and medical industries with a complete solution to their paperless office and regulatory requirements. Development of Scan123 is ongoing, and new features are constantly added in an effort to provide our clients with today's cutting edge technology when it comes to their electronic document management needs.

Worldwide clientele

With over 800 clients (and counting!) worldwide, Scan123 enjoys a 97% customer satisfaction rating, which is the highest in the industry. Our high quality of products and outstanding support are still as good as when we first started. Building strong partnerships with our customers is the key to our success. See for yourself why Scan123 is gaining the trust of more and more customers.

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Our guarantees

45-day right to cancel

If for any reason you as a new customer believes Scan123 doesn’t meet your needs within 45 days of signing, we’ll tear up your contract and give you a full refund. We’ll even buy your scanners back from you. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, whether you stick with us or not. Period.

No hostage data

We know your documents belong to you. If you ever decide to leave Scan123 for a different solution you don't have to worry that your data is held hostage in non-standard, legacy, and/or proprietary formats subject to huge backup copy and conversion fees like many of our competitors.