In less than 2 months of scanning car deals, your $900 scanner will have paid for itself.

Is your dealership selling more cars each year while running out of space to file the car deals? Scanning and storing car deals will eliminate filing cabinets in your office and save your dealership money to file them and retrieve them. How much money can you really save with a paperless office?

The Facts

  • You are a Controller for The Car Company
  • The Car Company sells 100 cars per month
  • You purchase one scanner for $900 to scan car deals
  • You have an office staff of 3 employees

As a leader in your business, you are tasked with the responsibility to effectively manage your department, including your department’s expenses and work processes. While managing expenses can be difficult, effectively using a Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator will ensure that you are spending in line with your budget.

Using the Scan123 ROI Calculator, we will calculate how much money your dealership will save by scanning car deals instead of filing them as paper files in your office. The time is takes to file and retrieve your documents adds up – leaving you paying much more money than you think to drop a car deal into the cabinet each month.

Employee Time to File





Amount of Car Deals filed each month


Amount of filing cabinets are holding last year’s car deals


Each time your staff pulls a car deal, it adds up


Lost car deals account for more money than you think


Add in time to fax car deal documents


Add in expense to Fedex documents


Add in cost of your car deal folders

During the course of your day, you handle paper constantly. During this calculation you had to evaluate the wages paid to your employees who handle files, how many car deals pass through your dealership, and how often they are accessed. You also need to take into account to last year’s car deals, the cost to maintain the filing cabinets and paper supplies, as well as the time and monetary expense associated with faxing paperwork and/or sending files via Fedex to banks. What happens when a car deal is lost? Unfortunately that means you are spending more in wages for your employees to track down and/or recreate the lost files. This leads to lost revenue and a burden.


How much is filing your car deals really costing you?

In the example used above for a dealership that sells 100 cars per month, you are spending approximately $650 each month to file your car deals.


Centralized Accounting Office with 4 +  Locations

Accounting: 2 + scanners (Accounts Payable, Car Deals, HR, etc)

Service: 1 scanner

We recommend that you purchase at least 3 scanners for your dealership. Purchase 2+ for accounting and 1 scanner for service per location. In the accounting office, purchase a scanner for each department clerk: Accounts Payable, Car Deals, HR, etc. Designate one person from each department to scan documents for their department. In the service office at each location, place the scanner on your cashier’s desk and this person will scan all of the service documents.

What Scanner Model Should You Buy?

We recommend that you purchase Fujitsu fi-model scanners that are TWAIN compliant to scan your documents with Scan123. These scanners are reliable, quick and space-efficient. We have been using Fujitsu scanners for 20 years and continue to recommend them for our customers. These scanners will handle a large volume of scans and require minimal maintenance over their life. The Fujitsu fi-scanners we recommend will scan 120 pages per minute, double-sided. This means that all of your scans will be completed in under a minute – that’s fast! At only the size of a shoebox, you could manage to put a scanner on the desk of every one of your employees and not feel like they were taking over your office. There’s no need to take out a desk or carve out somewhere in your office to house a large all-in-one central copier/scanner.

If you are a smaller dealership, selling around 20 cars per month, we recommend a low volume scanner such as the Canon DR-225c. This scanner is comparable in reliability and size as the Fujitsu models. You will pay half of the cost of a Fujitsu scanner while still enjoying compatibility with Scan123 service.

Preferred Scanner Models for High Volume Scanning:

Fujitsu fi-7160


Fujitsu fi-7030

Preferred Scanner


Models for Low Volume Scanning:

Canon DR-C225