Self-driving cars are now on the move, probably on the roads in a large city closest to your home. Have you taken one for a test-drive? If you aren’t familiar with the concept or own one, you might be taken aback. It might feel like a complete lack of control and complete trust in a computer housed inside a vehicle. Sounds pretty scary as a new concept.

When considering to store your documents electronically is your automatic response similar? Why would you spend time to scan your documents and entrust them to a third party to hold them in the cloud? While scanning and storing your documents may be a new concept to you, it isn’t for us. We have supported nearly 1,000 businesses as they have made the change to going paperless in their business.


Increase efficiency in filing and retrieving files

Filing may seem like a simple, quick and inexpensive task until you realize how many times a file is retrieved or misfiled. A paper file can only be in the hands of one of your employees at any given time. While this is great for confidentiality of your customer’s personal information, it’s holding back your employees’ workflow. Often, the finance department will need to pull a document from the car deal file after the deal has been sent to accounting. On the other hand, a digital file can be opened and shared amongst several employees instantly. By allowing your departments to share documents, your employees will be able to use their time most efficiently.


Utilize your office space for business

If you have plans to expand your business or increase your staff, having the office space to expand is crucial. Don’t hold your department or business back by limiting your space because of paper files. Your office space is a finite space and won’t grow without you putting more money into it. Expand your possibilities by storing your documents digitally – you won’t be held back by paper files or storage files in another building. You are always in control of your files and can add or remove access whenever you need to.


Know your files are safe in a natural disaster

Global warming or not, natural disasters exist in the form of fires, floods and tornadoes. While these may be a part of nature, having your important business documents going up in flames or floating down the river, is not. Protect your company documents by scanning and storing them in the cloud. With continual backups and encryption, Scan123 uses the latest technology to secure and store your important documents. You will rest assured knowing that business can withstand the storm even if your building or workplace cannot.


See results in your business

While self-driving cars and automation in our lives encourages life to move faster and with less manual effort, running on auto-pilot may be holding you back in other ways. If you take a look at the processes within your business comparing today to ten years ago, what do you see? Do you see the same tools and processes completed to interact with customers, to complete sales and repairs? Changes in society and technology improvements are vastly changing how businesses are operating. Is your business updating processes to keep up with these changes, or are you operating on auto-pilot?


In the May issue of Dealer Magazine, author Dave Anderson encourages you to make changes to see results in your business in the article titled “Stop Waiting, Start Changing.” Anderson explains how “there are attitude adjustments you can make, excuses you can give up, people or things you can stop blaming, and corners you stop cutting that will lift your personal performance to new levels, and inspire others to do likewise.” Are you seeing the results you want in your business? While change is hard, you don’t have to make the change to digital documents alone.

Let Scan123 help you be successful by cutting costs in your department and creating efficiencies in your processes. You and your employees will love the simplicity of our solution and the accessibility of your documents.


Here’s our 3 Tips to Get Started:

  • Start Small
    • Start scanning in one department in your business, starting with this month. Monthly Financial Reports. Car Deals. Service Records.
  • Build scanning into your workflow to reduce the stress of a new process.
    • Scan your financial reports once you are finished processing, then review online.
    • After you have reviewed your documents online, shred.
  •  Scan last month’s records (and then the rest of the year) and reclaim your office space.
    • After you have grown comfortable with scanning, reviewing your documents, and shredding, expand by scanning the rest of the year’s worth of documents.
    • Once you experience the benefits of scanning and storing your documents digitally, you won’t want to stop with just one department.

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