Auto dealers that extend credit,

arrange financing or leasing, or give financial advice must notify customers about the information they collect, who they share it with, and how they protect it. Are you following the rules?

In brief, the FTC Privacy Rule covers personal information you obtain in the course of financing or leasing a car for personal, family, or household use.

Part of the process is knowing how to protect your customer’s trigger data, and being able to explain how it’s securely stored. I should probably stop right here and ask this question; “Can you explain to your customers why their data is secure?” If you’re not sure, we can help.

With electronic document management,

it’s easy to find the files you need that you’ve already uploaded. And during upload, download, and storage, your files are encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption, so you can rest assured that your documents are secure. You’ll sleep better at night, and your customers will too as you explain to them their data is secure.

Take 5 minutes to look over electronic document management built just for you. You’ll be glad you took the time. Get a free, web-based 20 minute demo scheduled today . This is a quick way to see how easy it is to get started.

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