Bill Mishkin is the owner of Home Instead, a senior home center in Melrose, MA. After previously working with Scan123 in a past business, he knew what scanning and storing business documents electronically looked like. “My plan was to bring this [Scan123] in immediately when I saw how much paper was involved,” Bill recalls from when he started at Home Instead.

In the senior care industry, paperwork adds up fast. With ever changing clients and the number of caregivers onsite, managing their files becomes a burden. Client files can include paperwork from in-processing, Medicare, incident reports, payment records and other facility required documents. Caregiver files include hiring forms, certifications as well as regular payroll records. Many senior home offices just don’t have the space to store all of this paper.

Having previously been accustomed to viewing documents online, Bill thought it made sense to bring it to the senior home center business.  Bill explains, “We have a lot of files: we have both caregiver and client files that we have to keep for a certain number of years and there was just an inundation of paper in this office” and “We probably cleared up 8 or 9 filing cabinets over here, in a small space of 2,000 square feet, that’s a lot.” In the senior care business, Bill scans caregiver files and client files which are subject to HIPAA; he’s required by law to hold them for at least 36 months.

tan filing cabinet

Being that these are sensitive documents, Bill ensures that the right people are accessing these files by selecting who can and cannot view them. Scan123 allows him to grant administrator access to a handful of users who can manage users and all files as well as limit access for other users.

Scan123 has been an affordable option for Bill’s business. Bill says that the “Low cost of implementation was well worth it for me, in terms of the hardware that needed to be invested in.” While scanner recommendations are provided, Scan123 leaves the business in charge of purchasing the scanner. This gives the business the opportunity to be in control to choose the right scanner for their scanning needs and budget.

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