We all have habits and ways we do certain things, like folding the toothpaste tube to hanging our shirts in the closet by color or season. This can be true for any business or organization that has been around for any length of time. We do things a certain way, even if that policy or procedure is not in our best interest or cost effective.

A good example is how your business stores records or files. Most businesses still house their records in a physical form on site. As is the case with most successful businesses these days, technology may offer a better alternative that is not only cheaper but more efficient. Many businesses have shifted to an electronic document scanning system and now Scan all their documents.

The biggest challenge usually comes right up front with a decision to store your records at an off-site Data Center . There are great reasons to consider this. Off-site Data Center storage is a much more reliable way to protect your records. It’s also easy and convenient, as ALL documents are available to ALL (appropriate) staff EVERYDAY!

Your records are protected as they are no longer susceptible to loss in the event of a fire or water damage and/or employee security issues. One of the best benefits an off-site Data Center for storage is the improved organization of your records and files. All files are searchable by the relevant key words assigned for these files (date, model, part #, dollar amount, zip code, etc.). Once documents have been scanned and stored electronically, there is no limit to your ability to retrieve them via any computer within your office system. This obviously improves employee productivity on the lost time filing these documents AND retrieving files based on these unique search parameters.

The biggest reason most customers are interested in changing to an electronic document storage system though is by proving the cost savings. Especially in an urban setting, much less ‘A’ office buildings in core downtown areas, the use of file cabinets is significantly more expensive than the cost of space in a ‘virtual’ format. EDM customers pay far less for their storage and free up premium priced square footage for employees.

The last benefit is a simple one; document storage is not your core competency. These days, any organization that takes time to do anything different than generate revenue or customer service is losing the battle. You do not need to be distracted or waste effort or money on your records storage. Lastly moving your documents to off-site Data Center records storage can help your business start the transition toward a full digital or Cloud computing world. Electronic document management via scanning is truly the 21st century standard for office organization.

Think about it: Reduced risk, greater convenience, improved organization and operations, significant cost savings, less distraction and fewer headaches. For all of these reasons, an off-site Data Center storage makes perfect sense. SCAN123 offers an offsite Data Center solution for your business. Give us a call today at 888-481-3727 for a demonstration on effective electronic storage.