I have spent some extra time over the last year or so delving into the regulation and requirements for California dealerships that do automotive repair as it relates to paper and digital documents. What legally can they do with their documents? How do they comply with the laws of the state? I must say it’s been a frustrating but enlightening process. I say frustrating because there’s a mountain of fairly confusing documentation covering this. (We know this. We talk to a lot of confused California dealers.) The research has been fruitful too. Through diligence and hard work, the good news is that California dealers do have the option to save their documents electronically via scanning as long as they (and regulators) can have access to them for 3 years, if for instance, an inspection is needed. Recently the California Bureau of Automotive Repair released it’s guidelines for just such a topic. It’s called ‘Write it Right’, A guide for automotive repair dealers. I’m going to spare you the agony of reading all 28 pages for the purpose of brevity. Below is an image of the intro page (click to enlarge). look at item three on the list:

When we look at page 7 in the guide we see this:

I personally talked by phone with a high level official at the California Bureau of Automotive Repair and as I described Scan123 to him with all of it’s features he assured me that Scan123 does fit the intent of the tip on page 7. He wouldn’t let me use his name, but he stated that during an inspection, as long as a dealer could provide the documents, whether paper originals OR scanned electronic documents, he was fine with it. So, what are you waiting for? Check out Scan123. You can be getting rid of your mountains of paper today.