A survey of 438 legal IT professionals from around the world at the end of 2012 found that businesses are looking more and more favorably upon cloud computing services as alternatives to in-house applications or solutions.

Among key findings, 52% of those surveyed reported that their opinion about cloud computing had improved over the last year. 39% reported no change in opinion, and only 10% reported that their opinion of cloud computing had declined.

Furthermore, the vast majority (84%) of respondents believed that cloud computing would ultimately overtake on-premises computing in the legal industry. Only 16% claimed that this would never occur.

When it comes to predicting when this revolution will arrive, 57% of survey respondents predicted that cloud computing would prevail in five years. This short timeline indicates that these professionals see a rapidly changing landscape. Indeed, cloud alternatives for more and more software appear every year.

Although this survey targeted the legal industry, the results are indicative of changes that are taking place across the business world. And even though these respondents were tech-savvy IT professionals, these are the decision-makers in most companies and at least make recommendations to the person in the corner office.

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