“So do you have one of those weather systems?”

“Does Scan123 use sky computers?”

Questions like these from prospective customers at first left us very confused and now give us a good chuckle. What they’re referring to, of course, is cloud storage or cloud data storage. But even those who get the name right often have only a fuzzy idea of what those terms really mean. What is cloud storage?

Backing up or storing your scanned documents and files “in the cloud” simply means that those files are not stored on the computer that you’re currently using. Instead, when you upload your files to a cloud storage service like Scan123, they are stored on one or more servers in another location. With Scan123, you can access those files by downloading a copy of the file to the computer you’re using or by opening it in your browser.

Why is this superior to an on-site document management solution?

First, it requires little to no involvement from your IT person. On-site solutions usually run off of expensive local servers which you’ll have to buy, install, and maintain. With Scan123, the only hardware you have to buy is one or more document scanners. You can search and access your files online through your web browser without needing to install any software. We’ll even train your employees on how to use Scan123.

Second, your files are protected against hardware failure, natural disasters, and other hazards by multiple backups. We store your files on our servers at two secure facilities and also back them up on Amazon’s network of servers through a service called Amazon S3 for further redundancy. This means that there are always at least three copies of every one of your files stored in Scan123 in geographically distinct locations. No matter what happens, your data will be safe. In contrast, an on-site solution will likely only have one or (hopefully) two copies stored in a single location. One fire, one flood, and it’s all gone.

Scan123’s services and features go beyond simple cloud storage with:

  • Integrated document scanning software
  • Robust search options
  • Integration with your company’s software (third-party data management systems)
  • Advanced user permissions
  • Action reminders
  • … and much more

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