Unless you have been living under rock the past couple of years, you’ve likely heard of the benefits of utilizing Facebook for interacting with your potential customers. A sense of community is developed. Customers become friends and share pictures, thoughts, and their life with you. Companies get to offer benefits for customers liking them on Facebook. They share very personal insights and give their constituents a sense of looking under the hood. That means marketing in the 2000’s has changed and will never be the same. That same sense of insight and personal touch is a new trend within the corporate walls, as companies try their best to develop a work place that emphasizes collaboration and a sense of belonging. Gone are the days of independent and personal work spaces, replaced by PODS and courtyards of multiple work environments. Workers are grouped together with the hope that they will share efforts and the results will be greater given the opportunity for several people to contribute on a given project. That collaboration can also be enhanced by utilizing an electronic document management system like Scan123. Documents are housed in a central location, off-site, not stored on company computers or servers. This allows multiple users instant access to files, (based on the security levels you assign). Additional benefits include significant cost savings, increased employee productivity and the freedom to access your files from any web browser. Electronic file collaboration between employees has become the new Facebook of the corporate work environment. Get onboard now with Scan123.