Take the headache our of HR

Your company’s Human Resources department deals with some of the most sensitive files your business has, and you need to safeguard many documents, sometimes forever. The retention requirements imposed by The Health Insurance Portability and Protection Act of 1996 (HIPPA) extend long after your business ceases to exist as a legal entity.  

Scan123 allows you to preserve Human Resources documents, which protects them, but also keep them within an arm’s reach.  When a worker’s compensation claim, or a harassment complaint, or a regulatory audit begins, you can have all the documents you need at your fingertips, without leaving your desk.  

Simplify your human resource department by digitally storing your:
Benefits Election
ICE Information
Identification Cards
Payroll Documents
Recruiting Information
W4s, I9s
Worker's Comp Documentation

Does your sales process seem sluggish?

What if your staff had the following readily available every time they answer the phone:
Every product brochure from the past five years
Product warranties purchased by the customer
The customer’s last credit application
History of every product or service the customer bought from your company
Service records for this customer, including recommendations from your service team, hours or miles on their product, etc.

Step up your accounting department

A paper filing system won’t allow you to keep pace with expectations from changing government regulations and customers, and it’s an expensive way to manage your files. At $30 per square foot, you may be spending as much as $50,000 a year to solely store paper! Imagine you have an already grumpy customer and you have to tell them their file was misplaced in that mess.  Those same pages fit will in a digital filing cabinet that can be searched and costs a fraction of the price.

We understand that every business is different. One business may file invoices by invoice number, another by customer number, and a third by equipment type.  We don’t impose our own ideas on your business - we let you decide how to organize your files. The right employees will have access to the right documents.  And you can change or adjust your system at any time - for free.  

A change to a paperless system may seem scary, but it’s fast, easy, and you’ll create a system that suits your business’s unique needs.  

Improve customer service
Economies of scale
Save space and money
Automate redundant processes
Consolidate accounting functions
Securely share files and grant access
Access documents from anywhere in the office
Provides federal, state, and government compliance and security