Q: Do you transmit customer data over plain text email?

A:When was the last time you attached customer information to an email and sent it off to somebody who requested it? This is a huge mistake nowadays.

Q: Do you have stacks of customer files sitting on desks?

A: Stacks of customer files on desks (or under, around, or in desks) makes for an unsecured situation. Imagine a virtual ‘desk’ that you could access via secured log in. That would help you breathe a little easier.

Q: Are your company file cabinets accessible by almost anyone?

A: What’s the ‘worst case’ scenario for your company files? Someone walks away with a bundle of customer files under their arms? They steal your customers identities? You need to be compliant NOW with federal and state regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, the GLB Act, HIPAA and any other regulations that cover your business!

Q: Do you archive data in an unsecured building ‘off-site’?

A:Same scenario as above, but someone breaks a window and walks off with a bundle of customer files. Do those files contain ‘trigger data’ that you are required to protect?

Q: Do you have any idea what ‘trigger data’ is?

A: We hope you do, but it’s no problem if you don’t. Scan123 can help you to understand how to handle your data safely, and get you going on you Electronic Document Management today. Follow this link to www.Scan123.com now.