A recent article in the CPA Insider newsletter caught my eye. The March 24, 2014 issue featured something dear to my heart – choosing a scanning solution. Document Archiving – Choosing the Right Solution identified six key characteristics of a quality scanning solution. I’ll list each of them, and discuss how well Scan123 stacks up:



The article suggests that you should be able to pull an archived document based on the criteria that are important to you, and you should be able to add criteria when you want to, without contacting a programmer. As you know, some of our competitors limit how you can file – and retrieve your documents. Scan123 offers unlimited flexibility in filing, and you set the criteria. You can adapt our system to the needs of your business, quickly and easily, and without the need for a programmer.


Never Choose a System with a Proprietary Format:

As you know, many of our competitors use a proprietary format. If you stop paying their monthly fee, you may lose access to your own documents. We’ve always thought that was ridiculous. Aren’t those your documents? Of course they are! That’s why we offer a “no data hostage” guarantee. If at any time you find that you don’t need the Scan123 service, we will send you all of your documents in the very common .PDF format, which can be read with a free PDF reader on most any modern computer.


Never Choose a System with Proprietary Hardware:

Many of our competitors require that you buy their expensive proprietary hardware, and that you pay them to maintain the hardware. By contrast, Scan123 is compatible with off-the-shelf scanners with twain drivers like the Fujitsu ‘fi’ series. These are inexpensive, very dependable, and there’s no need for a maintenance contract.


Choose a System with a High Level of Encryption:

Some of our competitors just don’t seem to understand how important security is to you. You don’t just want quick access to your documents, you want them to be safe from prying eyes. We use military grade 256 bit AES encryption for transfer and storage of your documents.


Never Choose a Centralized Scanning Solution:

The days of a “centralized” solution are behind us, but some of our competitors don’t seem to understand that. Today, we all have computers and printers on our desktop. Why should scanners be any different? It’s just too inefficient to collect documents from all over your company then send them to a centralized scanner somewhere in the building. It doesn’t make sense to us, although some of our competitors haven’t caught on yet.


Choose an Independent Company – not affiliated with a particular industry:

Your business is different from your competitors, and you don’t want to be tied down to a particular scanning solution. Shouldn’t you be able to use the same archiving solution for all of your companies? And to adapt the solution as your business changes? We think so. That’s why we developed Scan123. It’s the right solution for all of your companies. Here’s a link to the article.

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