We know that time is money at your business. Watch Cindy Perryman, comptroller for Five Star Dealerships in Washington, explain how her employees save time (and money) using Scan123 at their company.

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Scan123 is definitely easier for my employees. We used to have what we call “fire-drills.” Somebody has lost a jacket or lost a document, and we would disturb four people in the office to go searching for that document or that jacket. Now it’s just a case of we just bring it up, and there it is. By using Scan123 we are able to access from our desk, old documents that normally we would have had to take 10 to 20 minutes to run upstairs and dig through the dirt and the dust, and now we can just type in the name, the number, or whatever it is we’re searching for, it comes up, we can see it. If we need to print a document, we can print it, if we need to send it to the accountant or whoever, we can send it. It’s just – it’s really a time saver. Storage is a huge problem, not only because it’s a mass of paper, but because it’s so much weight. We were storing ours upstairs, and it was becoming a fire hazard. The fire department was concerned about the weight on the beams and stuff like that. And because we scan everything now, it automatically goes into shredding and being recycled. So we don’t have the weight problem or the storage problem. We are actually using [Scan123] in all our departments. We use it in parts, service, the sales department, and we also use it, of course, in the accounts payable and the accounts receivable. We use it for collections, we use it for payroll – we use it in every department in the dealership. Yes, there is time savings from how we used to file before. And more than anything, is that time savings for finding stuff, especially current stuff, because it used to be in big stacks, waiting to be filed, and we’d have to dig through it.

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