Tidalwave Finance is an indirect automobile finance company based in California that turned to Scan123 Electronic Document Management to address its paper problem. In this short video, company president Ted Beresford reviews Scan123 and explains how the scanning solution saves them time and money:

Switching to Scan123 allowed us to eliminate buying expensive file cabinets, taking 30 to 50 sheets of paper for each deal that we do – and we do about 100 deals a month – putting them into those $1500 apiece file cabinets in expensive office space, knowing that 80% of that paperwork we would never look at again.
Scan123 eliminates lost records. Because everything is scanned, everyone in the office has instant access to it. So it made it so that when we need that 20% of the data that we’re looking for or information, anyone in the office can pull it up at a moment’s notice.
One of the benefits a lot of people don’t think about with Scan123 is we’re able to take the documentation from our dealers and rather than copy everything, we just scan it and give them all back the originals, so there’s no more making a copy of 30 or 35 documents that we then turn around and then throw in the shred bin and they’ve kept at their office. It’s just one set of documents. They end up with the originals, and we don’t have to go through all that. In addition, we’re certainly recommending to some of our dealers that if they would start using Scan123, then they could send us much of this information electronically also, and it would cut down on time too.

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