Scan123 has improved the service department tremendously – I’ll tell you that it saves time, it’s very very organized, you can go into the computer, you can just type in a repair order, or you can search by customer last name or several other fields like stock number, and the service manager or technician can view the repair order quickly and easily. It’s very time efficient.

If the service adviser needs to view an RO that’s in history or an RO that maybe they need to see a recommendations field or anything they just search Scan123 and it pulls up the repair order and they can view it. It scans in all the copies – so if you need warranty copies – if you need the customer signature – if you need the phone number on it that’s hand written – anything like that they can just pull it up and search it real easily.

Service technicians many times have to view something that has been done on a previous repair order. Before Scan123 they would have to go, you know, walk up to the file cabinets – look it up, and as we all know, technician’s time is money, so if they are right there at their computer they can look it up at the touch of a keyboard it probably saves 15 minutes in searching through file cabinets for a repair order. Recommendations – notes from a previous technician – any kind of special concerns that a customer has on a previous repair order – is right there at their fingertips.
Out of five stars I would rate Scan123 a five stars – 100%. They have absolutely delivered on what they said they were going to do. The price is very cost effective, and it’s been one of the best things we’ve done for or service department in the last 5-7 years.