And His Access Too

The Johnson’s Impala is back in the shop again. This is the third time this month.  Yet another comeback. The technicians are annoyed. Your Service Manager, Bob, is annoyed. But most importantly, your customer is fuming. The service department has been declining for the past several months and this is the last straw. You are ready to let Bob go.

You meet with Bob and give him the bad news and tell him to pack up his things. But wait, have you contacted IT to remove his access to the company email, DMS or Admin access in Scan123? If Bob is dramatic or has any sort of grudge against you and willing to throw his reputation in the trash he could be pretty dangerous. What does that mean? Well, let’s get creative. Send a company email to all employees, defaming you, the boss. Delete those specialized service reports you worked together for months perfecting. Or how about randomly deleting the Service ROs you have stored in Scan123?

Okay, let’s put that drama aside. Your Service Manager, Bob, had Scan123 Admin rights. Here at Scan123, we take Admin privileges seriously and want you to know the ins and outs of a Scan123 Admin. The following tools can only be completed if you have been granted Admin access for your account. Contact a current Admin to be granted Admin access.


Add/Remove Users

Anytime an employee or changes roles or leaves your business, you should edit or add/remove their access in Scan123. Scan123 allows for unlimited users and why wouldn’t we when your data is so sensitive. Adding users in Scan123 is so simple, it doesn’t make sense for users to share user accounts/passwords.

We want you to successfully manage your business using our tools. By allowing for unlimited users, you are always in control. You have access to know who is scanning what, how often they are reviewing their scans and what cabinets they have access to.

  1. Login to your Scan123 account at and click on User Management under the Admin Menu. Toggle through the tabs to view Active Users, Disabled Users, Pending Invites and All Users.
  2. To Add a New User, find the blue button “Invite” and start typing the email address of the new user. Click Invite. An email invite will be delivered to the new user. By following these steps, once the invite has been accepted, the user will be able to scan documents and send files to Scan123. The user will not have access to view documents in the web until you have granted Cabinet Permission.
  3. To Edit User Access, find the user on the Active Users tab and click Edit on the right. Here you can grant access to Delete Files in Scan123 to the Recycle Bin, View Files in the Recycle Bin, Create Zip files, Email files out of Scan123, See Admin Reports, Invite New Users and Import Metadata. Select the appropriate checkboxes and Click Save.
  4. To Grant Admin Access, find the user on the Active Users tab and click Edit on the right. Click the radio button next to Admin. Click Save.
  5. To Remove Access, find the user on the Active Users tab and click Disable on the right. A warning message will pop up confirming that you want to disable access. Click OK.
  6. If there are no active Admins at your business to grant you access to Scan123, contact the Support team at Scan123.
  7. IP Restrictions allow for more security to your account by restricting where your users can view/download your Scan123 documents. Contact the Support team at Scan123 to setup IP Restrictions to ensure your users are only accessing files from your business and not from home.


Would You Like More Training?

Scan123 offers ongoing training for all new users and Admins. We can answer questions about how to scan, best practices, Admin functions and Reports, or other specific questions about how Scan123 can help your business. Contact the Support team at Scan123 to schedule a one-on-one training session.


Cabinet Permissions

Your trust is important to us. We want you to feel in control of who has access to what files in your account. Cabinet Permission setup is vital in securing the safety of your files.

To Grant Cabinet Permissions, login to your Scan123 account and click Cabinet Permission on the left under the Admin Menu. Select the cabinet you want to grant access to and click the checkbox to the right of the user. Click Save. You need to repeat this process for all cabinets you want to grant access to.

To Remove Cabinet Permissions, repeat the same process as above and select the cabinet you want to remove access for and uncheck the checkbox to the right of the user. Click Save.

How to Add Cabinets in Scan123, contact the Support team at Scan123 to request a new cabinet. Your Scan123 account allows for unlimited cabinets, providing the opportunity for your business to go paperless and reap the benefits of eliminating filing cabinets and misfiled documents.


Manage the Recycle Bin

The documents you scan and send to Scan123 remain online until you tell us otherwise. You also have the option to delete files if you uploaded them in error. Whenever a file is marked to delete in Scan123, it’s sent to the Recycle Bin for 90 days. After 90 days, the files will be permanently deleted. If you need files deleted immediately, contact the Support team at Scan123 to complete an authorization form.

To Restore Files, login to your Scan123 account and click Recycle Bin on the left under the Admin Menu. Select the checkbox next to the file you want to restore (note the “From Cabinet”) and click Restore selected at the top of the page. Your file will return to the cabinet and folder that it was originally uploaded to.


Scanner Keys

Any user that will be scanning documents needs a Scanner Key. We use Scanner Keys for access to scanning similar to how your IT department requires a Windows login for accessing your computer. The Scanner Key pairs with the user to create a secure path to send documents from your computer to Scan123 in the web. A user can have multiple Scanner Keys if they are scanning from multiple computers.

Do you have a computer that needs a new Scanner Key? Contact the Support team at Scan123 to have a new scanner key issued.



Do you have documents you want to upload to Scan123 but don’t always have access to a scanner? Whitelists allows you to send documents to a secure email address as an email attachment and upload to a specified Cabinet in Scan123. Send your emails to the email address listed at the top of the Whitelist web page.

To Add a Whitelist email, login to Scan123 and click on Whitelist under the Admin Menu. Enter the sender’s email address and select the Destination Cabinet where you would like the documents to be sent in Scan123.

How to use a Whitelist email

Send an email to the email address listed on your Whitelist web page.

  • Email Subject: Folder Name
  • Email Body: Keywords


The Scan123 Android App

Have you downloaded the Scan123 app yet? Download the app from the Android market to view and upload documents directly from your smartphone or tablet. The Scan123 app is another tool that allows your business to keep moving, even when you are away from your desk. Review legal documents, email files to the owner, upload receipts for the business lunch, or manage users all from your phone.


Inactivity Setting

Time-outs are a pain for users, but essential for your account security. The time-out for your business is customizable from 15 minutes up to 4 hours.

Change the Time-Out in Your Account, login to Scan123 and click on Inactivity Setting on the left under the Admin Menu. Select your desired Time-Out duration from the dropdown menu and click Set Time-Out. The time-out will update on your next login.

We hope that having these Admin tools will help you to choose your Admins in your business and empower them to manage your documents more efficiently. If you have any questions about the tools or menus listed above, please contact the Support team at Scan123.