What is an electronic filing cabinet? In Scan123, it’s a digital replacement for your physical file cabinet that is accessible from your computer and is structured just like a real one. Each cabinet contains folders. Folders contain your files and documents.

Without the physical constraints of filing cabinets, a single electronic file cabinet can contain every file of a given type. Instead of spreading your customer files across three physical file cabinets, they’ll all fit in just one electronic file cabinet. It’s kind of like this supernatural file cabinet from the movie Bruce Almighty (just watch the first 30 seconds or so):

Even better than God’s filing cabinet in this clip, a Scan123 electronic filing cabinet takes up zero space – physically in your office and digitally on your computer’s hard drive. We’ll show you how to quickly and easily scan and convert your documents into locked electronic PDF documents that are uploaded to our secure servers for you to access online 24/7. You can get rid of your filing cabinets without filling up your hard drive or having to buy additional computers or servers. In addition to saving space, an electronic file cabinet also gives you filing superpowers like being able to search for a file, access your documents anywhere, and file and retrieve documents without getting up from your desk. Scan123 is an electronic file cabinet software solution that holds all this together. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses free themselves from the burden of filing paper. To see Scan123 in action, request a free 20-minute online demo, or give us a call at 1-888-481-3727.