Scan 123 allows you to pull data directly from most business management systems.  Virtually every file format is supported. If you can print your files to an Excel file, or to .doc, .txt, .pdf, or .jpg file, you can then pull that file directly into a Scan123 cabinet. There’s no need to print your files to paper and then scan them.

Many companies choose to integrate their month’s-end reports directly into Scan123 for added security.  They will look the same as they always have, but there is the added benefit that they are backed up away from your main accounting system. In the event of a disaster, access to your data won’t be interrupted.

Search every cabinet
Lightening fast
Save time & money

Optical Character Recognition

Scan123 knows that sometimes you won’t have the information needed when you’re trying to recall a particular document, or can’t remember the VIN on a contract from years ago. We have implemented an optional feature, Google Vision Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR allows you to search the first page of multiple files for the exact word or phrase you’re looking for. This feature is available at no added cost.

Recall by customer last name, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), customer number, invoice number, stock number, Medicare claim number or something else
Assign as many recall “tags” as you want, to suit how you do business.

Scan123 on-the-go

Scan123 mobile app allows users to scan important documents on-the-go on their mobile device or in offices where desks are uncommon. Everything you normally access from the Scan123 website can be accessed through the app, with the added benefit of being able to upload files in the same place you view them. This gives you the flexibility to scan quickly and efficiently, without having to stop what you’re doing to physically file paperwork, or worse, lose it in the daily shuffle.

cabs in front
Scan123 app uses your mobile device's camera to:
Scan multi-page documents
Organize them by department, cabinet and/or folder
Look through existing archived files