How much space do paper files take up at your business? What could you do with that space if you converted those paper files into electronic files? Tim Birkey, Parts and Service Director at Suburban Ford, explains how their dealership transformed their file room into office space by scanning their documents with Scan123.

My name is Tim Birkey. I’m the parts and service director here at Suburban Ford. Before Scan123, we had an area that took up a lot of space with the old manila-type files, and any time we needed to retrieve a document – a repair order or a sales jacket – we had to go to the file room and retrieve those files. It was very awkward and very time-consuming. Scan123 has been a great help for us to find our documents. It’s very easy. Everyone in the dealership has access to the website – technicians, office personnel, the dealer, and myself – so it’s just a couple mouse-clicks away to get the document we need. We don’t have to ask anyone else to go and retrieve a document for us. As you can see here, this entire area was taken up with files. There were literally three rows of file [cabinets] here, thousands of documents. Scan123 has allowed us to completely eliminate an entire file room. It’s freed up space for us in the dealership. It just takes our office personnel about half an hour a day to completely file and store everything. So they came out and trained our employees. It was very simple, this is a very simple process. It’s extremely easy. It’s literally just taking the document and putting it in a scanner and coming out the other side. Scan123 allows us to pull a report daily of the input. Scan123 provides great support. I will have to tell you though, we very rarely need them.

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