Make an Impact in Your Business – Forward Thinking

You’ve just started a new job or new role within your company. You’re excited, ready to display your strengths and get some work done. What are you going to do that will stand out? Set goals? Cut costs in your department? Bring the team together to build more mutual respect? Create efficiencies?

If you answered yes to all of these, you may be a forward thinker. According to Executive Creativity Coach, Neal Burgis a forward thinker is someone who is “thinking progressively and processes the ability to look beyond the ‘now’ and formulates strategies for future success.”

How can Scan123 help you be a forward thinker in your business?


Embrace Change

All of our customers, at one time, have transitioned from paper to scanning and storing documents electronically. Most of them were apprehensive, hesitant to change the way they handled paperwork and files at their company. Why? Because change is hard. By nature, as people we resist change. We build habits and keep them. We build more habits and keep those too.

Have you heard Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity? “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” You want your department to be more efficient, more productive, more successful. How will that happen if you don’t introduce some change? In order to be a forward thinker for your business, you need to be open to new ideas. “Forward thinkers are not afraid to take chances and try new things,” Burgis says.

Dave Anderson, president of LearntoLead is the author of “Stop Waiting, Start Changing” in the May issue of Digital Dealer. In his article he describes how important it is for leaders to initiate change within themselves and their business in order to inspire people and business to move forward. Change in your mindset and vision starts with what you are doing day in and day out. Anderson states “When you decide to be proactive, prepared, in your zone, and locked in on what’s truly essential each day you’ll never again have to start a day in neutral.”

While scanning and storing your documents may be a new concept to you, it isn’t for us. We have supported nearly 1,000 businesses as they have made the change to going paperless in their business.


Increase organization

Being an effective leader takes strong organizational skills. Set up your team for success by planning ahead, setting goals and managing time appropriately. The Pitcher states that “Forward-thinking leaders are goal-oriented – they know how to set goals and are able to realistically determine their current situation in order to create a step-by-step action plan that will lead them to the desired destination.”

Organization starts with writing down tasks, managing your time, and keeping your workspace clean. Many times, we rely on our memory to complete tasks and waste time by holding onto these tasks much longer than we need to. Write down the task and use your time for solving problems and creating success. Manage your time by scheduling time to plan your goals, create the steps to meet those goals and evaluate if you are on track. Be purposeful with your time. According to The Pitcher, forward thinkers “focus on execution strategies in order to make the whole process highly effective, productive and successful in the long run.”

Keeping your workspace clean is another great way to improve your organization. Have you ever felt overwhelmed walking into a storage room lined wall-to-wall with filing cabinets or banker boxes? In some cases, an office or store room might have stacks of paper. Removing this clutter from your workspace and the workspace or your team will remove them from the burden of paper. Scanning and storing your documents electronically removes clutter from the desks of your employees and brings all of your business documents to their fingertips. Retrieving files electronically allows your employees to quickly access their files right from their desks, avoiding unnecessary trips to the file room.


Bring your team together

Have you ever been described as an effective communicator or good listener? These are important qualities to be found in a forward thinker. “They are also very empathetic of the emotions of others, making them better listeners, communicators and negotiators” is how The Pitcher describes the emotional intelligence of a good leader. Understanding the needs of your team and even anticipating them makes a great leader.

Include the input of your team when setting your goals. You might be surprised at how quickly your goals align with theirs and you will stem bonds and motivation you wouldn’t have otherwise. When evaluating the change of workflow or processes, ask the team for input and put yourself in their shoes. Lean on the strengths of those in your team for the most effective results. “Forward thinking leaders plan for how to bring out the best in themselves and in their people,” Burgis says.

When you are making the decision to scan and store your documents, include members of your team in the decision making process and startup. With an executed plan of action, your employees will embrace the change and take ownership of the results. Once everyone starts scanning, they will love the easy accessibility of files that they didn’t have before. Scanned files are easily emailed from Scan123 to other users and members of your team.


Prepare your business for growth

Have you been contemplating expanding your business? Consolidating your accounting offices? An important trait of a forward thinker is planning ahead. Set goals for your department or business and create a plan in order to achieve those goals. Consult with leaders in your industry to determine a step-by-step plan and potential obstacles to help bring your vision to life.After you have laid out your plan, ask for feedback. Forward thinkers recognize the benefit of asking others for help, and are able to “take a look in the mirror and see what you really need to be aware of” says Burgis. If you are consolidating your accounting office, ask for help from other like-businesses that have been successful with this in the past. The more input and information you can gather, the more successful you will be.

Prepare your business for growth by considering ways to create efficiencies and reduce space. “Forward thinkers are not afraid to take chances and try new things,” Burgis says. While you are creating a plan for growth, evaluate ways you can bring your employees together while reducing steps in work processes along the way. Consider scanning and storing your documents with a digital solution such as Scan123 in order to build in efficiencies to your growing business. Pairing scanning with data interfacing allows for quick scanning and data retrieval, offering several search capabilities with one key entry per document scanned. As your business grows, the electronic storage will grow with it. You can scan and store more documents each year, without needing additional filing cabinets to fill your office.

Let Scan123 help you be successful in your role by cutting costs in your department and creating efficiencies in your processes. You and your team will love the simplicity of our solution and the accessibility of your documents.