According to Auto Dealer Today Magazine, “Dealerships have become attractive targets for information thieves, with identity theft tied of auto loans and leases increasing 43% in the last year.” These statistics are alarming considering all of the security measures in place today, including complex password requirements and fraud monitoring systems. As a dealer, you have a great responsibility to protect the sensitive information that comes through your establishment. Your guests expect a quick, friendly, and accurate transaction in which the status of their personal security is never questioned.

What procedures are in place to ensure sensitive information is handled correctly by your staff? Storing documents in boxes or physical filing cabinets creates opportunities for identity theft. Are you using locking filing cabinets? How are you ensuring that these file cabinets are locked throughout the day or after hours? Who has access to these offices or storage rooms full of files?


The most important decisions in your business always start with your team. Build processes and procedures for your team that allow for success. In all aspects of handling sensitive information, continually train your team on your standards and provider refresher training courses at least twice per year. Make security a priority by moving to electronic document storage with Scan123.

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When choosing to store your documents electronically you are mitigating several risks. The security of your files is automatically increased. All files are encrypted with 256-bit encryption when uploading from your desktop to the cloud, during storage and retrieval. This high level encryption is the same you will find at banks and with the Federal government.


With Scan123 your documents are constantly behind virtual lock and key. You are in control of who has access to view or download files and you can revoke that access at any time. Scanning and storing documents electronically allows for sensitive documents to be scanned and later destroyed. This prevents important driver license, social security numbers and other data from getting into the wrong hands, literally.

Access to digitally stored files also brings collaboration between departments. File access limitations of department hours or a file check-out system are non existent with digital files. Quickly grant access to Service Advisors for Service Warranties purchased or We Owes promised to ensure there is no gap in communication when the customer schedules the service appointment. This is just one of the many examples of how multiple departments can benefit from the accessibility of files scanned into the cloud.

Technicians at Ocean Crest Chevrolet-Buick-GMC-Cadillac appreciate the time saved when viewing repair orders online. They like how easy it is to view documents and love that they don’t need to leave their workspace in order to research past repairs and recommendations on a vehicle.

Natural Disaster Protection

Documents stored digitally in the cloud are protected from a natural disaster, such as a flood or fire. You never lose access to your files in an emergency. With paper files, you may lose entire filing cabinets that you are unable to recover.


Storing files digitally allows for numerous search options that are not available when filing in physical filing cabinets. Digital files, like the ones on your desktop must be named and categorized into folders for organization. Bring this idea to the cloud and you have an extensive network of files, from any computer with internet access.

When searching within Scan123, you can search by file name, the cabinet where you saved the document or numerous keywords you used to save the file initially. This extensive search feature allows you to search for several repair orders for one vehicle by entering only the stock number, for example.

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Reduce Space

One of the driving factors to move to electronic storage is physical space. We never seem to have enough of it. When storing your files electronically, you won’t have to consider buying another rental space to hold your files. Your office space will be less cluttered and your team will find files quicker.

When Sam Bernard began looking for improvements in the service and parts department, he knew clearing out paper files was a priority, noting “paperwork stacked up sometimes 3 feet deep in areas, the weight just alone of the paperwork on the beams of the ceiling was excessive.” He scanned and cleared out files that were taking over the parts department, allowing space to store more parts for sale. Click below to hear more about Sam’s choice to scan and store documents electronically:

Scan Old Files

Older files, often stored in boxes, pose a greater security risk. Out of sight, out of mind. They may be stored in a back room or off-site facility where several departments have access to. Without an office full of people sharing their space, these files are often less monitored, less secure and less organized. Take advantage of the benefits of digital files by scanning and storing old files electronically also.

Assign a champion to scan old files and work at it a little each day. At Scan123, we call scanning your old files “Back Scanning.” By spending only an hour per day back scanning, you can clear out several cabinets faster than you think! Choose a department to scan in that will feel the benefits of scanning. Do you access sales files frequently? Scan all of 2018 sales files first. Once you have tackled one department, move on to the next. If you have more than one champion in your business, you will be practically paperless in no time!

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Do you have any questions about scanning your current or old files? Scan123 has helped over 1,000 businesses take the leap to scanning and storing their documents electronically. We will walk you through choosing your scanners, training by our support team and any other questions you have about moving to a paperless office!

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Protect your customers from identity theft by securing their documents electronically with Scan123. Check out the links above to learn about how scanning and filing electronically can clear space in your office while saving time and money.