Too much filing and too many filing cabinets is a drain on dealers

Scan123’s client, Edwards Garage, is a fast-growing dealership with 55 employees located in Alberta Canada. They have been in business for over 90 years and during that time have seen and experienced many changes in technology. Their dealer management system (DMS) Quorum replaced many of the manual operations tasks they had been doing for years, but they still struggled with overwhelming amounts of paper. 

The team was spending hours each week filing paper documents and even more time finding them later. Some file cabinets were closeby in the office, whereas others were stored upstairs, far from the phone, which needed to be attended at all times. Every time a file needed to be located upstairs, the receptionist needed to find someone to cover the phones so they could leave their desk long enough to locate it. 

“We were wasting so much time finding files and it was costing us business. Our team couldn’t provide our customers with top-notch service while they constantly dug around in the file room. It got to the point where we couldn’t afford not to do something about all the paper.” 

Donna Breault, Office Administrator, Edwards Garage

Furthermore, years of paper was taking up valuable space within the business. Each year, as Edwards Garage grew, so did the amount of customer files. The file room kept expanding, taking up a bigger and bigger footprint, reducing space for inventory and office space. The team was overwhelmed by the sheer number of file cabinets and was fed up with the time it took to sift through them. Edwards Garage needed a digital document management solution that could integrate with their current DMS, Quorum, digitize their paper files, and help find any document fast. 

The move away from paper files

Edwards Garage chose Scan123 to help them cut through the paper problem because of the platform’s true integration with the Quorum DMS, and Scan123’s reputation for great support. In only a few days the new solution was online and making a big impact. First, the Scan123 team helped everyone at Edwards Garage create their user accounts, which was done with a simple email invite. Then the team distributed scanners, one for each department, enabling sales, service, parts, accounting, and the receptionist to all quickly scan all new documents into accurate digital copies. Last, the Quorum DMS Integration was activated which enabled the Edwards Garage team to reference digital RO and parts tickets from Scan123 directly from within Quorum. Within days the team at Edwards Garage was scanning all of their paper files into the new system.

“I really wish we would have transitioned sooner. It’s easy to write off new technologies by saying “this is the way we’ve always done it,” but Scan123 was a huge benefit to us. Getting started was much easier than I expected, and now I can’t imagine life without it.”

Freeing up valuable space

As the team scanned paper files into the system, they were immediately filed into virtual filing cabinets linked to the DMS data, then the paper was shredded. Not only do they no longer spend any time filing, they free up a huge amount of space. The file room, which had been growing for years was completely cleared out, making room for more office and inventory space. Because the garage is growing quickly, the move to digital document management saved them from having to purchase more space, more filing cabinets, or renovate their existing shop. 

Add a Search button to your file room

Having a search button on your filing cabinets saves time in every department. Scan123’s Search feature enabled the team at Edwards Garage to cut the time it took to find a document from 30 minutes to just 30 seconds.  When the team at Edwards Garage scans their files into Scan123 virtual filing cabinets, they unlock the power of Search. Search allows a team member from any computer to retrieve files instantly by entering the customer name, VIN, or RO. High-resolution images of the documents and signatures are retrieved instantly.

“It’s absolutely incredible. If we would have known that this was possible we would have switched years ago. We can enter a customer last name, or a VIN number and instantly have all of their records.”

Painless audits

Before Scan123, warranty audits were a painful exercise for Edwards Garage. Because all documents were on paper, the team needed to dig through many different file cabinets to find what they needed. Often times, important documents were misplaced which took even more time and energy. Now documents are never misplaced and can be retrieved in seconds. For audits, Edwards Garage can simply create a new digital filing cabinet only for the auditor, add only the needed files, and invite the auditor with read-only access. Because all digital cabinets are permission-based, Edwards Garage only gives the auditor permission to that cabinet and can revoke it after the audit is complete. The auditor never even needs to step foot inside the shop because everything is done securely online.

“Audits used to be an absolute nightmare. It would sometimes take us weeks to pull together the files. It was usually a full-time job for one or two people, which pulled them away from their normal duties, and forced other people to fill in for them. Now our audits are done in less than a day. We have everything we need within minutes.”

The Results

  • Decreased the time it takes to find a file from 30 minutes to 30 seconds
  • Repurposed the file room into new office space and inventory storage
  • Sales, service, parts, accounting, and the front desk all have their own scanner
  • Digital, permission-based file cabinets simplify and streamline audits
  • Seamless integration with existing dealer management system Quorum 



Save big compared to traditional paper storage

The average dealership wastes $1,500/month storing paper and spending time looking for documents.