Somewhere along the line larger companies like banks, etc. started the transition to paperless billing. Jack’s auto repair shop began relying more and more on these companies to email billing and electronic communications to him. Being a small company, Jack’s auto repair took care of their accounting such as billing, payroll, and expenses by themselves.

The paper filing system

Jack had always used a simple paper filing system. He’d just print repair orders, bills and receipts, etc., and then filed those papers. This system really seemed to work fine for not only Jack, but his employees and clients as well. The files were well organized and the printed copies were more easily read than if they had been written by hand, or worse, on carbon-copy.


The day the printer broke

Last October when Jack went to print the financial records for the month, his printer wouldn’t turn on. Jack often stayed late to do the paperwork portion of his job, given that he owned the small company, and it really put a kink in his work flow. It was well after regular business hours and Jack couldn’t get repair or replacement until Monday.


One smart cookie, that delivery guy

Jack didn’t have a lot of room in his small office so he used off site storage to archive his records. When Jack’s delivery service arrived to pick up the archived records and deliver them to the storage unit, Jack explained what had happened. Greg, the man from the delivery service, knew a bit about computers, and had helped Jack out before. Jack asked Greg if he had any suggestions.


Why not eliminate the need for the printer?

Greg told Jack that he had recently heard about a company that leases software via the web – Scan123. He explained that what Scan123 does is keep your files for you, only ‘electronically’. That would eliminate the need for such a large and expensive storage unit and almost entirely eliminate the need for the printer. There would also be no servers or software to maintain. Greg said they could get him up and running in a day.


Solving more than just the printer problem

The next week Jack made an online enquiry about Scan123. After an easy online demo he decided that electronic filing was definitely the next step for his business. He contracted with them and set up his scanner later that day and was quickly up and running.


Freedom from the high price of ink!

Because of Scan123 Jack didn’t need to rely on his printer much at all. Nice! Freedom from the high price of ink! He was also able to store all of his records in Scan123’s secure system and saved money by not keeping them in expensive and insecure storage. It saved time finding documents when he needed them. Overall, the total savings was significant.

Jack’s situation wasn’t an emergency, but he was inconvenienced by his broken printer and his inability to send the files with Greg. He then realized storing paper files is a bad habit. It caused him to look around his business to see if there were any other bad habits he could do away with!