Business owners and office managers desire the efficiency of a paperless office. The benefits are many, and the positive impact business-wide is enormous. Many well-intentioned professionals fall into the trap of this line of thinking, “I’ll try to save some money and do it myself.” Before you do that, first consider this:

Why invent a wheel that has already been invented?

As we discussed before, don’t try this. There are just too many considerations with a paperless office to try and ‘do it yourself.’ When you consider data security, compliance with federal and state laws governing customer information, the advanced knowledge of information technology that is needed, etc., your head will quickly be spinning. Beyond that, there is the time factor with ‘DIY.’ You’d need a degree in computer science and a year to build a system that would do everything you needed it to do.

Don’t work HARDER, work SMARTER.

Up until recently, most Electronic Document Management (EDM) had to be done on a local area network. With widely available, inexpensive broadband, there are many new advancements in EDM. There are many products available now via the web as ‘Software As A Service’ (SAAS). You lease only what you need. No software to buy and install! (You can quickly figure your ROI here:) Your quest is almost over.

To easily achieve the paperless office…

One needs only to choose the product that fits your needs. If you need very affordable, cost-effective, secure, easy-to-use EDM, there’s only one we know of that fits into that category. Go here to find out more.