This video tutorial shows how to import data into Scan123 for a ‘metadata’ type cabinet. It’s easy!

We get so many support tickets and phone calls asking how to do this, we thought it was a good idea to do a ‘How To’ video.

Moving Files And Folders via the Scan123 web portal from Scan123 on Vimeo.

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to this video tutorial on how to import data into a ‘metadata’ type cabinet. What we’re looking at right here is an ‘RO’ cabinet with some metadata imported. These are the added columns. This is the added data. But how do we get the data there? Well you just click on the import button there. Don’t have one? Well, see, here’s 3 very important things that need to be done before you will see the import button. First: you must request that Scan123 support sets up your cabinet for metadata. Second: You must have us set your import routine, be it ADP, R&R, etc. Both of those we have to do on our end. Three: Your Scan123 company admin has to give you permission to import if you are not an admin, so see your company admin to plan theses steps. Having gotten those 3 things done, you should have an import button. Let’s do an import! Let’s assume you have gone into your DMS and exported your metadata in CSV format, and placed it where you can find it. Click the ‘choose file’ button and a window pops up. This window allows you to navigate to where you put your metadata export and get it. Mine’s here. Check your file name to make sure you have the right one before it’s sent to Scan123, then click ‘upload’. The file will be read into memory. You should get an indication that it’s done. Now close the upload window. Within a few minutes this new information will be populated and ready to use! To get your metadata cabinet, go to help and start a support ticket. Let us know which cabinet you wish to use. A normal metadata import schedule should be once or twice a week, and should span no more than a week to 10 days. If this is your first metadata import, you may have trouble with it due to the large size of the import. If you do have trouble, please go to help and start a support ticket. We would be happy to walk you through it. Thanks for watching!

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