1. Save the company some money.

Leaders in any company need to reduce expenses where possible. If you can figure out some practical ideas for cutting costs, your interest in the profitability of the company will leave a good impression.



Watch Sam Bernard, Service Manager, explain how he made a positive impact on the entire company at Larry Lassen Toyota Chevrolet

2. Suggest new ideas for moving the company forward.

Explain your idea thoroughly and answer any questions your boss might have. If they decide to turn it down, be a good sport about the rejection.

3. Take the initiative on formal projects and tasks outside of your original job description.

As long as the job is one that you feel confident about handling, taking it on can show your boss just how versatile you are an how eager you are to contribute to the productivity of the company as much as possible.

4. Stay informed about the industry as a whole.

Competition can be fierce, and keeping up with the rest of the industry is an important part of a company’s survival. When you see news related to your industry, pass it along to your boss and co-workers. Doing so demonstrates the seriousness you have regarding the company’s success.

5. Be a positive person.

A positive attitude makes a big difference in your own productivity, and it also helps improve workplace morale. If you are consistently positive while on the job, your boss is sure to notice and appreciate it.