This video tutorial shows how to properly move files and folders via the Scan123 web portal. It’s easy!

We get so many support tickets and phone calls asking how to do this, we thought it was a good idea to do a ‘How To’ video.

Moving Files And Folders via the Scan123 web portal from Scan123 on Vimeo.

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to this video tutorial on how to properly move files and folders via the Scan123 web portal. I’m logged in to and I’ll open my ‘Car Deals’ cabinet for this demonstration. We’re now inside Car Deals and What you see here is a list of all the Folders inside the cabinet. You can actually move a folder in two ways, and I’ll demonstrate both ways in this tutorial. The most important thing to consider is this; Am I moving this folder to a logical place where my co-workers can find it easily? You wouldn’t want to move a car deal into the repair orders cabinet for instance. After carefully considering where you want to put the folder let’s proceed. From this view it’s just a matter of clicking the checkbox next to the folder you want to move, (number 123456), then go up to the ‘Move’ button. Here you will be asked to select which cabinet you want to move it to. (Make sure of where you are putting it!) Just select the cabinet and click Move (or you can cancel the move.) After the move, by clicking on the green button above, Check your move by going to the cabinet you moved it to. Now lets click into the folder you had moved; (I have moved it back to where it was for demonstration purposes.) We’re now inside the ‘123456’ Folder. You see three files there and We’ll deal with moving files in a moment. Here I want to show you the second way to move a folder. The other way you can move a folder is to click on ‘Edit’ at the top (like this) and chose the cabinet you want it moved to. Incidentally, you could edit the name of the folder here too, if needed, and move it or not. If you do not pick a different cabinet than the folder currently is in, The folder will stay in that cabinet. Click ‘Save’ or ‘Cancel’. Again, check your work. Let’s go back to the 123456 folder and move a file now. We’re going to move a file, but we first need to know what folder it will go into. I already know where my file needs to go, but when you do this, you may want to go look in the cabinet you want to move your file into and see what folder you want your file in. You can also create another folder in that cabinet (in preparation) if needed. We’ll click the checkbox next to the ‘Pizza’ file and go up and click the ‘Move’ button at the top. We’ll also tell it which cabinet we want it in and submit the form, (in this case I have chosen the ‘Needs Filing’ cabinet.) You are then prompted to choose the folder name for it to go into. I’ll choose the folder I want it in and submit the form. When I go and check the Needs Filing cabinet I see the folder and inside is the Pizza document. As long as you understand that with Scan123, files need to reside in a ‘Folder’, ( and folders need to reside in cabinets) you will be fine. Ask your company admin about any naming policies for files and folders you might have in place there. If you have any other questions about the best ways to move files and folders please start a support ticket in the ‘Help’ section. Thanks for watching!

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