taxesScan123 can make doing business taxes easier.
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Every year the burdensome task of filing your corporate tax return casts a dark shadow over the first quarter of the year. Many businesses get outside help from a tax accountant or firm to prepare their return, but even to do that, you have to prepare and share a lot of private financial documents and information with them. Fortunately, Scan123 can help.

Let’s look at why and how to use Scan123 to easily and securely share tax documents with an outside accountant or accounting firm.
Sharing paper documents is inefficient and expensive Depending on the size of your business, the number of documents your corporate accountant will need can range from what will fit in a file folder to several boxes worth. Finding these paper documents, making copies, and transporting them to your accountant takes a lot of time and can be very expensive, especially if the person doing so is a highly-paid employee like a CFO or payroll administrator.

Email is insecure If you’re smart and you’ve already scanned your documents, how are you going to send them to your accountant? Email? It is the de facto medium for online communication, but is it really secure enough for your financial information? Most emails and attached files are unencrypted and all emails pass through many servers and routers to get to the recipient. Even if you’re confident in the security of your mail server AND the security of the recipient’s mail server (which can be a big “if”), there are so many insecure links in the chain of events that email communication is vulnerable to reading, interception, and even modification. So if you’re sending confidential information by email, you’re basically rolling the dice on its privacy.

Sharing files with Scan123 = Efficient + Secure Scan123 is a great alternative to sharing paper documents or emailing files. You can share scanned documents as well as spreadsheets, Word docs, photos, and any other relevant files. With search, it’s easy to find the files your accountant needs that you’ve already uploaded to Scan123. And during upload, download, and storage, your files are encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption, so you can rest assured that your documents are secure. Furthermore, after the job is done and your taxes are filed, you can revoke your accountant’s access to your files in Scan123 with the click of a button. There are two basic methods for sharing a set of files with someone in Scan123, whether it’s for taxes, an audit, or anything else:

Method 1: Give your accountant access to existing cabinets Just as you can choose which cabinets your employees can access in Scan123, you can create a Scan123 account for your accountant and grant them access to those cabinets containing the files they need. This is the fastest way on your part to get things rolling, but it also gives your accountant access to many more files than he or she needs to for their work and forces them to make sense of your filing system to find what they need.

Method 2: Create a new cabinet for your accountant If you give us a call or put in a support ticket, we can create a new cabinet called “Taxes” (or some other descriptive title). If you give your accountant access to only that cabinet, he or she will only be able to view files that you put in there for them. You can move folders and files into that cabinet temporarily, then put them back where they belong after April 15. Although this requires a little more work on your part, it should make things easier for your accountant and will make sure they see ONLY the files you handpick.
If you have questions about using Scan123 to share business tax documents with your accountant, give us a call at 888-481-3727 for a free consultation with a scanning specialist about your specific situation.