We recently asked a group of office managers about their top concerns when it comes to Electronic Document Management and going paperless. Sadly, we heard a particularly bad horror story from one business that tried a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ backup solution. They lost all of their paper documents when a fire burned down their entire office. Fortunately, the business had been backing up important files on portable hard drives in a fireproof safe. Unfortunately, when they went to retrieve those files, they discovered that one department had been overwriting another department’s backups. In the end, only half or fewer of the original documents were recovered.

This office manager understood the importance of backing up documents, but their ‘DYI’ approach failed them when they needed it most. At Scan123, we take it as a grave responsibility when our clients entrust their documents and files to us. Scan123 stores your data in a state of the art data center with fire protection and suppression, battery and generator backup power, around the clock security, and more. If you choose, we can also mail you quarterly backups of your data.

And while human error can never be entirely eliminated, we’ve designed Scan123 so that files cannot simply be overwritten. After a document has been scanned and uploaded to Scan123, files can only be destroyed if a user deliberately deletes them. Furthermore, user permissions can be set so that employees only have access to documents they need to handle, protecting critical or confidential information.

If your office burned down tomorrow, what would you lose? Don’t wait another day. If you’re not doing it now, protect your paper and digital documents with Scan123. (You remember the pain of losing that one document you worked so hard on that couldn’t be recovered when your drive crashed. What if you lost them all?) Get a free, web-based 20 minute demo scheduled today . This is a quick way to see how easy it is to get started.

For more information about Scan123’s physical and data security, visit our security page, or call us at 888-481-3727.