Rick W. is the owner of a small insurance firm. He and his assistant, Sue, had their paper filing system figured out to a ‘T’. Sue had been fine-tuning this paper filing system for over twenty years and was very happy the way things ran in the office. It had never occurred to them that at any point, they could lose everything.


On a Monday morning, Rick opened up his small insurance office to the discovery that it would be needing some major renovations. Over the weekend, the pipes had burst and there had been a flood. Rick and Sue were devastated to find that the walls behind the filing cabinets had been destroyed and were already rotting. To make matters worse, many of the files had been fully or partially destroyed in the flood, and none of them had been backed up, anywhere.

To be certain they had found a lot of wet files. Sue was having to go through each and every file, in each of the years of filing cabinets. “What a waste of time,” Rick thought to himself. He started to wonder if there was a better way. He began searching the internet for solutions.

He had found several very expensive services from companies that could keep his files for him in electronic format. Rick didn’t think that his small insurance firm could take that financial blow, however.

A New Solution

Rick found Scan123 and he felt that his filing problems were solved. He sat through a simple 20 minute demo that the sales person was able to show Rick over the internet. After the demo he contracted with Scan123 at a really affordable monthly price. Rick told Sue that she would be scanning files from now on.

It didn’t take Sue long to realize how much easier Scan123 was going to make her job. Back-scanning the wet files wasn’t an easy task, but they knew it was the last time they would ever need to touch the files again! The files would never be subjected to possible damage in the future.

Easy Filing And Retrieval

Not only would Scan123 save Sue time now, but knowing that the files she needed to find would be just a simple click away was exciting. She could file and retrieve documents at her desk while talking to their clients over the telephone! Sue realize just how much more easily she would be able to do her job.

Rick made the mistake of not backing up his files once, but he won’t do it again.

Don’t let your files be destroyed by a disaster like fire, flood or tornado. Do what Rick did and look at Scan123 today. Contact us here for more information.