1. Not having a plan. Having a plan in place is key to staying on track. Develop a plan that contains simple, easy-to-follow steps. Commit it to paper (figuratively speaking) and pass that around to the users. Ask us for any help in forming a plan.

2. Not giving sufficient thought as to how you will organize your digital files. With a good modern Electronic Document Management system, (EDM) it’s fairly simple. We have many great suggestions to help you.

3. Don’t try to do it all at once. Work your way into it incrementally. Don’t try to back-scan all of your files right in the beginning. There’s nothing wrong with back-scanning, but depending on your business type, you might just make ‘now, going forward‘ your starting digital point if you don’t need to back-scan.

4. Not thinking through scanner implementation. This is an important part of your overall process. Think of how your equipment affects productivity. High-speed scanners handle a lot of paper making the process of converting paper to digital fast and easy. Having several scanners in the work area allows staff to scan their own files quickly as needed.

5. Trying to implement your plan without a lead person. Get an enthusiastic ‘leader’ type to commit to the change of process and involve them in the influence of co-workers. A leader will help your employees see how much time and labor EDM will save them. The leader will also show them why they need to break the old mold of bad habits.

6. Lack of time invested in training is eventually a productivity killer. Training up front will save time later. When employees get trained on the software, as well as your unique processes you put in place, you can save an enormous amount of hours in frustration later. (Trust us, we know.) Your investment in training will be returned many times over having even just a few employees with in depth training.

7. Not recognizing the importance of your data. Your data is precious and it needs to be handled as such. With skilled employees, the proper equipment, training, and storage in place from the onset, it will be.

8. Don’t forget to speak with referrals that have bought and used the product for awhile. Get the real scoop on why it works for them, or doesn’t.

We would love to show you how easy and affordable it is to go paperless. Please go here to speak to a specialist. You will be pleasantly surprised…