The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) imposed complex records retention and protection requirements on millions of American individuals and organizations.  Anyone subject to HIPPA must protect the privacy and security of health information and must provide individuals with certain rights with respect to accessing their health information. The Act was drafted so broadly that almost every corporation in America providing insurance benefits or processes time off requests - even for a matter as simple as a dentist appointment - must comply.  The states imposed their own requirements, and in many cases, require you to maintain your medical-related files long after you cease to operate as a business.

Scan123 understands the unique requirements imposed on the healthcare field and can help your practice by allowing you to:


Your team is already used to handling large digital files. These days, most insurance companies will only accept emailed or uploaded digital files. That should make things easy, but it doesn’t, because each insurance company has its own software for managing files. Twenty years ago a handful of photos would have been enough, but a complex repair today could require three-dozen or more photos.  You need to upload photos, insurance cards, driver’s licenses, and other documents to various insurance company sites to get paid.

Scan123 can handle large files, and allows you to retrieve them in an intuitive way

Scan123 can handle large files, and allows you to retrieve them in an intuitive way

Quickly access a repair managed five years ago as easily one managed last week

Design a flexible system that will protect your files and works for your unique needs


We offer Scan123 to businesses of all types, but our roots are in the automotive industry. The owners of Scan123 originally created the system to address the mountains of paper created in their own Toyota dealership.  At one point, they rented two hangers at a local airport just to store files!  We understand auto dealers, and designed Scan123 to meet your needs. We understand that some documents need to be purged every couple years, and some need to be kept forever.  

By storing files digitally, you:

Allow your service, sales, and accounting departments to use different vocabularies when pulling up documents

Reduce printing and copying fees. A 10% decrease here can save your business more than $400 per month


Finance companies, collection agencies, and banks collect sensitive information that must be protected for extended periods.  And thousands of accounts lie dormant for years, but may suddenly need to spring back to life without much notice. You need to be able to retrieve old files in an instant.  Scan123 is designed to do just that for you. Whether the file became inactive last week or five years ago, you can retrieve it in an instant.

Federal, state, and local regulations require that you have a system in place for guarding Protected Personal Information (PPI).  Scan123 can be a big part of how you meet those requirements. We provide a modern encryption methodology that encrypts each document with a separate code, and allow you to set permissions for each employee.

Use Scan123 to instantly access:
Check copies
Credit applications
Recordings of telephone calls

Senior Living

Whether you offer senior living, assisted living, or operate as a nursing home, Scan123 understands what is important to you. Many care facilities experience high turnover.  Due to this, relying on paper documents is a risk to your operations because of the vast amount of paper you create daily.  Our best practices suggest that documents prepared or received today will be scanned same-day.  This helps ensure that your guests always receive the best care.

Access any file at a moment’s notice

Protect your documents so that only the right people have access

Track files to ensure payment records are up to date