Paper can literally weigh your business down

This can quickly and easily be fixed. Does it sometimes feel like you have so much paper you are swimming in it? Let’s think ‘outside the box’ for a moment.

At the time of this posting the price for a square foot of office space in the Portland Or. metro area (outside the downtown area) is roughly $24.00 per square foot per year. According to a recent report from a commercial real estate firm, rents will rise about 10% year-by-year in the Portland metro area for at least a couple more years.

Imagine a room that is roughly 2000 square feet and it’s completely stacked with banker boxes 5 high, 20 stacks per row. There’s about 200 stacks in 10 rows. It also takes about the same space to allow movement around the boxes and file cabinets. The cost for this space (if it were used for office space) in the Portland metro area, (outside the downtown area) would be about $4,000.00 per month.

The truth is, if you are storing boxes of paper like this you are blowing that money to the wind every month. At a starting price of about $300 per month you can digitize all of this as you go, and save about $3,700 a month by using the added space for offices. Let us show you how!

See if Electronic Document Management(EDM) is right for you!

For the whole scoop in 20 minutes, schedule a quick free demo here. We’ll answer all of your questions. If you wish to calculate your own company cost to keep paper files, go here.

Random thought – There are 100 dealerships in the Oregon area using our system, and we collectively saved them $400,000 per month!