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Recognizing opportunities by eliminating wasted space

In the past, Lassen Chevrolet-Toyota used traditional filing cabinets and shop space to store folders and paper documents. Aside from spending $2,300 a month in storage and administration costs, documents took up valuable space that could instead be used to store parts or additional inventory. With excessive amounts of paper, along with both systemic and organizational problems, the company spent countless hours retrieving documents.

"We had paperwork stacked up three feet deep in some areas. Office personnel would store papers for 10-15 years. We had paperwork dating back all the way to the ‘60s. It was just unnecessary." - Sam Barnard, Service Director

About Lassen Chevrolet-Toyota

With a commitment to excellence, Lassen Chevrolet-Toyota welcomes the challenge to meet and exceed high customer expectations.

  • Industry: Automobile Dealer
  • Company Size: Mid-Market
  • Location: Albany, Oregon
  • Software: Dealertrack, Scan123

A cost-effective solution with Scan123

Lassen Chevrolet-Toyota integrated Scan123 seamlessly with their DMS to reduce expenses and free up physical space for their business. From the moment the team started using Scan123, they realized how quickly they could migrate their existing paper documents to the cloud.

"We could scan 60 pages in just seconds, front and back, [with a] perfect image. The scans are legal documents that can be used in any circumstance." - Sam Barnard, Service Director

Managers found the Scan123 user interface "easy to use and access,” surpassing other systems within the industry. Scan123 made it simple to organize, find, and download files at any time. The software also cost 40-70% less than other automotive digital document solutions.

Increasing profit through digital document storage

The implementation of Scan123 made an immediate impact on Lassen Chevrolet-Toyota’s business. The dealership was able to eliminate stacks of documents and make room for additional storage for parts, which increased service, productivity, and revenue.

Lassen Chevrolet-Toyota reduced the time it took to retrieve files, trading hours of flipping through stacks of paperwork for the mere minutes it takes to locate a file in Scan123. They were able to maintain data security by “locking” files and granting various levels of access, depending on a person’s role within the company. They also leveraged the organizational benefits of Scan123 by creating separate digital cabinets for sectors such as human resources, DMV, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.


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Launch your digital document storage today

With tools to make storing documents simple and a support team excited to help you, getting started with digital document storage has never been easier.

"For what I’m getting and how easy It is to use and setup, [Scan123] is a no-brainer."